The Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes Between Older Women and Younger Men

There’s just something about watching younger men and older women get together on-screen. Whether it’s the rarity factor or reversal of power dynamics or the fact that many of these relationships happen in secret, the dynamic between older women and younger men is tantalizing to see.

One of the most-known movies of that ilk is — of course — The Graduate. Starring Dustin Hoffman as a young man who’s seduced by an older woman (Anne Bancroft), iconic spicy scenes ensue before Benjamin goes on to fall for her daughter, who’s his age. Just imagine that Thanksgiving dinner!

Recently, there was the 2022 well-received film Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, which tells the story of a sexually inexperienced retired school teacher (Emma Thompson), who reluctantly hires a sex worker (Daryl McCormack) to finally have her sexual awakening. Though she goes into the experience full of fear and hesitation, their connection makes for a steamy and popcorn-worthy watch.

Check out some of the steamiest sex scenes featuring older women and younger men below!

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