The UK Media Is Being Accused of Making Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 'the Only Subject in Town' Ahead of King Charles III's Coronation

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle no longer live in the U.K, but they seem to be top of mind if you look at the Royal Rota’s constant coverage of the dynamic duo. King Charles III is 17 days away from his coronation, but the media is hyper-focused on the Duchess of Sussex’s invitation decline and the Duke of Sussex’s blink-and-you-miss-it trip to see his dad’s historic day. 

The Guardian‘s Marina Hyde pointed out that the U.K. press is trying to tell everyone that Harry and Meghan “are no longer important” while still seeming to be “the only subject in town.” It’s an exhaustive mixed-message tale that royal experts are spinning, and it’s no wonder Meghan is staying home — the peace of mind alone makes it worth it. But now that everyone knows that only Harry will be in attendance, the press has found new ways to spin the family feud about her “insulting behavior.” 

Hyde calls out the “undimmable ire directed at Meghan and Harry” while Prince Andrew only receives “the muted version” of anger after his Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The press is giving more negative weight to moving out of the castle and striking out on your own versus being accused of human trafficking and sexual abuse. The energy reserved for the Sussexes really should be placed squarely on the Duke of York’s shoulders since he never wants to give a straight answer about his association with the convicted (and now deceased) pedophile. 

What the Royal Rota doesn’t want to admit is that Harry and Meghan draw clicks and views to their articles. Without them in their former senior roles, there is less interest in the monarchy. Yes, Kate Middleton is a superstar in the royal family, but the palace has even tried to dim her spotlight because there is concern she will upstage King Charles. With a little over two weeks to go before the coronation, it’s time for the U.K. press to find a new headline — one that doesn’t involve Harry or Meghan.

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