This Mini 'Dance Dance Revolution' Console Is Fully Playable

Zuiki has unveiled a mini Dance Dance Revolution console in celebration of the iconic Konami game’s 25th anniversary.

The Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini is a one-fifth scale replica of the original two-person arcade game and is fully playable — but only with fingers. The pad, which is originally meant for the player’s feet, can be placed flat on a table or on a person’s hand, while the start and menu navigation buttons can be found underneath the back railings. Rounds can be played via the console’s built-in LCD screen or on a larger external screen via HDMI. In addition, the unit will flash lights timed to the song being played and features stickers that give first-time players proper instructions, just like the real thing.

The Zuiki Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini is currently in the crowdfunding process via Kibidango, and is priced at ¥43,780 JPY (approximately $300 USD). Pledges can be placed starting October 10 until November 27 and the consoles will begin shipping in Summer 2024.

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