This Morning viewers baffled by guest's plans to build a time machine

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A theoretical physicist left This Morning viewers utterly baffled as he tried to outline his plans to build a real life time machine.

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were similarly confused as Ronald Mallett, a former member of the US Air Force and Pennsylvania State University graduate with a PhD in physics specialising in Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, attempted to get his ideas across.

Things didn’t get off to the best start after the duo revealed the professor of physics at Connecticut actually turned up an hour early for the interview after the clocks went forward in the United States last night.

Honestly, that sounds like something Doc Brown would have done in Back To The Future, so we’re here for it.

Mallett discussed his love for science, which was instilled in him by his late father, who gave him a crystal radio set and taught him scientific principals as well as a passion for reading.

After discovering The Time Machine by H.G. Wells as a young boy, he was inspired to look into building one of his own to try and save his father’s life.

‘I knew I was gonna have to learn a lot,’ he admitted, while he tried to explain time travel to Holly, Phil and viewers as he delved into Einstein’s work – both the special and general theory of relativity – Quantum Theory and more.

He insisted it’s possible to go back in time, although that then led to him attempting to explain alternate universes.

‘It’s a little bit more subtle than that. We can go back in time based on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. It just simply means that the time that you change may not be the time that you’re on. That’s a whole different theory,’ he said.

‘You can go back in the past, but then it’s the past of a parallel universe. in that universe, for example, You could get rid of Hitler, but it wouldn’t change the universe that you came from, but it would change that alternative universe.’

Holly started to bring the in depth chat to an end, quickly interrupting: ‘So, in theory, nice idea, but it’s not going to work Phil. It’s utterly fascinating, it is complex. It’s not as simple as getting into a DeLoreon and driving off into the sunset.’

Viewers were left confused – and some bored – by the whole segment, with others have much higher expectations for an interview about a time machine.

‘This guy claims he has built a time machine, but he’s proven nothing so far!! #ThisMorning,’ tweeted one viewer, and a second person said: ‘Well that was very awkward!’

Another added: ‘This guy claims he’s trying to make a time machine … too bad he’s using up so much time with his incessant chatter. It’s putting me to sleep. #ThisMorning’

‘Far too high brow for this show,’ wrote a fourth person, with a fifth saying: ‘So if i understood that …it is not actually time travel at all . Just moving between different  universes #ThisMorning’

Another more blunt viewer said: ‘I mean, that guy came on, said what we already know, showed zero proof he was building a time machine, where, how, or what with, totally pointless interviewing him’, he was a liar, zero proof for anything #ThisMorning’.

However, some people had a more positive outlook and argued: ‘Someone should’ve warned this lovely Physicist that #ThisMorning is beneath him. Far too high brow for this show #ThisMorning’

And another added: ‘He’s far too clever for this show!’

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV1.

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