Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne Reveal Why It Was Time for 'Like a Boss'

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne are tired of male-dominated movies. That’s why the actresses were totally on board for Like a Boss, a female-led comedy in which the pair play polar opposite BFFs and cofounders of a beauty company.

However, trouble and tension arise when an industry titan (Salma Hayek) steals their ideas, subsequently threatening their livelihood. Yet the film’s underlying message is bigger than business. “Real friendship is always there,” Haddish, 40, says on the latest episode of the “Watch With Us” podcast.

“I was interested in telling a story about friendship. Friends are people that you make family. I haven’t seen many movies where it’s just about the relationship between two women — you see it with men all the time, but not really women,” the Girls Trip actress continues. “They don’t really want us to be strong together because once we bond and build our alliances, we take over.”

Byrne, 40, couldn’t agree more. When she heard that Haddish was involved and read the script, she was beyond excited. “I haven’t done a female friendship movie since Bridesmaids, and that’s the central idea of the story. We don’t even talk about guys,” the two-time Golden Globe winner tells Us. Haddish is quick to add, “If we do, it’s just for what they’re for: to hop on and send away!”

The women also open up about what makes them laugh on a daily basis — and on set.

“Tiff’s pretty funny. I just don’t see her enough,” the Australia native shares before admitting that she actually is constantly laughing at her two sons, Rocco, 3, and Rafa, 2, whom she shares with boyfriend Bobby Cannavale.

For the Kids Say the Darndest Things host, it’s the people she’s worked with who have her laughing. “Dave Chappelle — when [I’m] around him, we’re busting up. All of my friends are funny,” she says. “Rose has me busting up. Jennifer Coolidge is hilarious. It’s guaranteed you’re going to break if you’re on set with her.”

During the podcast, the duo also reminisce about a scene that ultimately didn’t make the cut, involving costars Coolidge and Billy Porter. “I was crying and I definitely peed on myself,” Byrne admits. “I was bummed it didn’t make it in! It was so funny. Billy was singing and when people sing to me in my face I get nervous! it’s so intense. I get nervous and then I start laughing.”

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Like a Boss is in theaters Friday, January 10.

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