Tilly Ramsay joins Next Level Chef and reveals Gordon Ramsay never cooks at home

Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly Ramsay joined him for the opening of Next Level Chef and she spilled some family secrets that left contestants shocked. 

Taking on the theme of family favourites during the fourth episode of ITV’s cooking show, budding cooks were encouraged to present the judges with dishes that remind them of home. 

Speaking of wholesome meals, presenter and head chef Gordon, 56, welcomed his 21-year-old daughter to the set of the programme and invited her to sample a recipe she recalled from her family life. 

Joking her dad made her cook the dish as he never lifted a finger in the Ramsays’ kitchen, contestants couldn’t believe their ears on learning the famous foodie left his skills at the office. 

Tilly stood in front of the show’s competitors and demonstrated what she would whip up if the task was asked of her. 

She told the room: ‘I’ve actually had to cook this dish because Dad literally never even cooks at home.’

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