Tohru Okada, Creator Of PlayStation's Iconic Logo Sound, Dead at 73 Years Old

According to reports, Tohru Okada, the Japanese musician behind the iconic Sony PlayStation logo sound, died at 73 years old. After being hospitalized last year for a compression fracture, Okada died from heart failure on the morning of February 14.

Aside from composing the PlayStation logo sound effect that has been used in commercials over the last 25 years, Okada also made a song for Crash Bandicoot commercials in Japan, contributed on classic Nintendo RPGs, and composed a score for Satoshi Kon’s award-winning anime film, Tokyo Godfathers. Additionally, Tohru Okada also served as the keyboardist in the influential Japanese rock band, The Moonriders. News of the death of the man behind the distinctive sound was confirmed by his bandmates.

Okada was rehabilitating to perform at Hyde Park Music Festival in Sayama, Japan (April 29-30), his death has pushed the band to cancel their performance but the members shared that they will continue honoring Okada during the event.
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