Tom Sachs Reimagines Everyday Objects in "Ritual" Exhibition

After launching his official online furniture shop this past September, Tom Sachs returns with a new solo exhibition at Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, France. Entitled “Ritual,” the presentation features new handmade sculptures of everyday objects in the artist’s signature bricolage aesthetic.

“Influenced by the subcultures of an urban metropolis like New York, specifically the phenomenon of New York City’s corner stores, known as bodegas due to their roots in the city’s Latin American communities of the 1950s, the artist replicates commonplace industrial objects using everyday materials, including plywood, cardboard, resin, tape, and paint,” said the gallery in a statement. “The sculptures bear traces of their making, becoming vehicles for a reflection on the creation of value and human labour.”

From organic reinterpretations of surveillance cameras to Tide detergent, the pieces bear Sachs’ sculptural signatures such as plywood, some visible nails, and glue-marks to boot. Sachs does his best not to fully transform a particular work, rather implements subtle touches while retaining its original silhouette and context. When it comes to creativity, the artist expressed in an interview for HYPEBEAST: “When I say creativity is the enemy, I mean that creativity is like a chili pepper: you only need a little bit; if you use too much, you ruin the sauce.”

Check out the installation views for “Tom Sachs: Ritual” above and then visit Thaddaeus Ropac’s website to learn more. The exhibition is on view until February 20, 2021.

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Thaddaeus Ropac
7 Rue Debelleyme
Paris Fr-75003
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