Watch This YouTuber Make His Own Kaneda Bike From 'Akira'

For almost a year, Japanese YouTuber Ayato has been working on making his very own Kaneda Bike from Akira. Ambitiously bringing the iconic motorcycle from Neo-Tokyo to life, Ayato has been documenting the transformation of his Yamaha Majesty 250 bike.

Starting off by stripping the bike down to its essential elements for a concise base, Ayato outlined what elements he intends to remain faithful to while noting that he will be using a bucket seat for added safety and comfort. The body of the bike was first made out of cardboard and replicated in fiberglass reinforced plastic. It is interesting to note that the bike’s signature converting handlebars will also be part of the build.

The bike is currently unfinished, but head over to Ayato’s YouTube channel to catch the Kaneda Bike from Akira build so far.

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