What happened to Gabrielle's eye – why does she cover it?

Popstar Gabrielle recently wowed fans with her performance on The Masked Singer UK.

And, tonight, we will see the famed singer perform on Comic Relief 2021.

One thing you may have noticed over the years is that Gabrielle likes to cover her right eye with her hair or with accessories like eye patches.

But, what happened to the singer’s eye and why does she cover it?

Here’s everything we know.

What happened to Gabrielle’s eye?

Gabrielle has a medical condition called ptosis, also known as blepharoptosis.

The condition can cause the upper eyelid to droop or fall.

Ptosis doesn’t impact the eye itself, but can cause minor visual impairments.

Gabrielle has had the condition since childhood and prefers to conceal it by wearing fashion accessories or styling her hair over it.

Why does she cover it?

The singer has previously shared that she chooses to cover her right eye for confidence reasons.

In recent years, the star has been styling her hair over it, but back in the day, she was known for rocking an eye patch.

Gabrielle previously commented on her eye patch wearing days on Loose Women, saying: ‘The eye path, I only ever used for a year, and a lot of people find that hard to believe’.

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