Yeti Out Teams Up With AIAIAI for 10th Anniversary TMA-2 Headphones

For its 10 Year Anniversary, music collective Yeti Out partners with renowned Danish audi design company AIAIAI for a set of TMA-2 wireless headphones.

Custom-tuned to levels befitting the Hong Kong-via-Shanghai party crew, the modular Bluetooth headphones are made to complement the lifestyle of the transient creative whether that be at the studio, on the road, or on stage.

In the collective’s own words, the headphones are “designed from the spirit of youth culture in cities that never sleep,” and “inspired by late night discussions In club queues & corridors.” Adorning the custom cover artwork seen on the box are two now-defunct underground clubs including Turnmills in London, which birthed Yeti in the Basement, the collective’s archive editorial platform, and Arkham in Shanghai where the Yeti crew once held its residency.

Also featured on the cover is a quote on music which co-founder Tom Yeti first read off the back of a person’s neck while queuing for the toilet at a house party in Manchester. The quote is by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and translates to: “Those who dance appear insane to those who cannot hear the music,” nodding to the club culture community and dance music as an international dialect.

The TMA-2 Move XE Wireless builds upon a decade of development, crafting a product catered to music enthusiasts. Features include signature 40mm bio-cellulose speaker diaphragms, Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, an “intuitive control: single-buttom joystick, and 40 hours of battery life. The headphones themselves are made with innovative materials featuring 30% recycled plastic content and the packaging is made with 100% recycled materials. AIAIAI’s signature design allow for each part of the headphones to be replaced and upgraded.

The Yeti Out x AIAIAI TMA-2 Move XE Wireless is now available online for $220 USD.

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YETI OUT(@yetiout)分享的貼文

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YETI OUT(@yetiout)分享的貼文

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