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IF YOU'RE still looking to work from home in the future, you might be on the lookout for one of the best lap desks to make it more comfortable.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a lap desk, but comfort should be at the top of the list. Many lap desks offer some sort of padding, to feel more comfortable around your legs, and others are made of breathable material to prevent you from sweating upon contact.

Size should also be a determining factor. Are you planning to use your lap desk just for your laptop and mouse, or do you need extra space for your phone and other desk accessories?

Portability is quite important too. How small does the desk get when folded? How light is it?

Here are the 10 best lap desks you can get to work from home or on the go.

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1. Belkin F8N143 Portable Lap Desk 

  1. (AD) Belkin F8N143 Portable Lap Desk, £12.99 on Amazon – buy here

Designed to be a comfortable budget option, the Belkin F8N143 delivers a comfortable lap desk experience for under £15.

An anti-slide strip prevents laptops from slipping, and its slight sloped cushion improves typing comfort and reduces neck strain.

It also sits quite comfortably on your lap, preventing the heat of the laptop from reaching your legs.

The Belkin F8N143 Portable Notebook Cushdesk can accommodate laptops up to 18.4 inches.

2. Kensington Easy Riser

  1. (AD) Kensington Easy Riser, £12.71 on Amazon – buy here

This portable laptop stand has been around for years, and for a good reason.

Kensington is a well-known brand when it comes to computer accessories and the Easy Riser is built to satisfy the need for a simple yet versatile laptop stand.

The stand features padded inserts to ensure a secure and stable fit, as well as a colour adjustment mechanism to provide the optimal inclination for your laptop.

The open design in the middle also promotes air circulation and keeps your laptop from overheating.

3. Nexstand K2 Foldable Laptop Stand

  • Nexstand K2 Foldable Laptop Stand, £24.99 on Amazon – buy here

The Nexstand K2 is built to offer a superior level of adjustment, with eight levels to choose from.

It is also extremely sleek and light, weighing only 234 grams.

Despite its light build, however, it is made of reinforced glass-fibre nylon and can hold up to 9kgs of weight.

The Nexstand K2 supports laptops between 10 and 17 inches.

4. ECR4Kids The Surf

  • ECR4Kids The Surf, £25 on Amazon – buy here

If you're looking for a portable desk for your child, this may be it.

The one-piece design means The Surf is both a seat and a surface, enabling children to sit wherever they go.

At 35 lbs, the desk is also light, so you won't have to worry about carrying it around. Its material is also reportedly certified for minimal chemical emissions.

5. SONGMICS Bamboo Laptop Desk

  • SONGMICS Bamboo Laptop Desk, £19.99 on Amazon – buy here

The SONGMICS Laptop Desk is both practical and stylish.

Made of natural bamboo, it is both sturdy and durable, as well as foldable and height-adjustable with five tilting angles.

This lap desk is also larger than most of the competition, measuring 55 x 35 x 29 cm.

It features a cup groove for your tea or coffee and a small drawer on the right side to accommodate any bits and pieces you may need for work.

6. Lavolta Laptop Table Desk

  • Lavolta Laptop Table Desk, £32.89 on Amazon – buy here

Minimalistic and practical, the Lavolta lap desk is suitable for laptops up to 16 inches.

It has a maximum load weight of 15kg and adjustable auto-locking joints with 360-degree rotation.

The Lavolta Laptop Table Desk is also light, weighing only ‎1.42 kg. In addition, it can be folded completely to facilitate transportation.

7. HUANUO Laptop Stand

  • HUANUO Laptop Stand, £13.59 on Amazon – buy here

The HUANUO Laptop Stand comes with a series of features designed for versatility.

The wooden surface is a pleasure to hold, and the foam cushion is soft and comfortable on your lap.

The table also has an anti-slide strip to keep your laptop safe, as well as a cutout for cable management.

The HUANUO lap desk is designed for laptops up to 15.6".

8. DOBU Portable Lap Desk

  • DOBU Portable Lap Desk, £30.28 on Amazon – buy here

This multi-purpose lap desk can be used either as a traditional lap desk when folded, or as a laptop stand when its legs are set upright.

The Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk also offers extra storage space under the desk top, with three separate compartments.

The lap desk weighs 1.22kg and can hold storage up to seven pounds. It also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with it.

9. Razer Laptop Stand Chroma

  • Razer Laptop Stand Chroma, £99.99 on Amazon – buy here

Specifically designed for the Razer Chroma laptop, this stand works with most 15'' laptops.

It offers an 18-degree incline feature for optimal viewing angles, as well as three USB additional ports via the built-in hub.

The Razer Laptop Stand Chroma is made of aluminium, so you can make sure it is durable.

It is not exactly cheap, but if you're looking for a stand for your gaming laptop, this could be the right one for you.

10. Couchmaster CYCON²

  • Couchmaster CYCON², £145.90 on Amazon – buy here

A beast of a couch desk, the Couchmaster CYCON² is the perfect choice if you want to expand your gaming setup while sitting on the couch.

The CYCON² features six USB 3.0 ports, plus a quick charging port outside.

It also comes with a dedicated inside slot for cable management, and side support cushions. There's even mouse and side pockets, to be used to optimise your gaming setup further.

We have tested the Couchmaster CYCON² for a week, and it is certainly one of the most interesting couch desks we've encountered.

You will need a relatively wide couch to place the side support cushions, but once you find your spot, you will hardly miss your regular desk.

The CYCON²'s surface is quite large (82x33x3cm), and offers plenty of space for a keyboard and mouse (if you're using the couch desk with a TV), or laptop and mouse (if you prefer a full-couch setup), with some extra space left for your phone or a small notebook.

The cushions and the leather-like wrist rests are comfortable enough for long sitting sessions, and as long as your sofa's back is not too soft, you'll posture will remain optimal and your back straight.

A minor pet peeve, the power cable for the USB hub is on the right side of the support board, so consider that when arranging your CYCON² setup.

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