10 Gifts To Give The Night Before Your Wedding That Your Partner Will Love

Weddings are full of gifts. You and your boo get the chance to make a wedding registry full of new things you need to start your life together. Your guests will show up at your big day with contributions, and if you have an engagement party or bridal shower, you’ll likely get presents there, too. And then there’s the best gift of all: tying the knot with your partner and vowing to spend your lives together. But if you want to give your betrothed a more personal gift, I’ve got some ideas for gifts to give the night before your wedding that bae is sure to appreciate.

Whether you want to give your soon-to-be spouse something sappy, sweet, snuggly, or sexy, a pre-wedding gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Sure, watches and jewelry are always nice, but no diamonds can match the value of a thoughtful, personalized gift. (OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but just work with me here.) Looking for the perfect way to say, "Hey, I can’t wait to spend eternity watching Netflix and eating takeout together?" These unique (and amazingly affordable) gift ideas are sure to make the night before your wedding day even sweeter.

This Custom Map Perfect For Starry-Eyed Romantics

You may not remember all the details of when you two first met, but this adorable constellation map will allow you to commemorate what the sky looked like on that fateful night.

This Endless Supply Of Date Night Inspo

You and your boo will never become a boring old married couple with this bucket list kit, which includes a cute collection of wood sticks and fun prompts for unexpected date nights.

These Coordinating Bracelets For Sending Good Vibes

Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but you and your new spouse can feel connected no matter where you are with these touch bracelets, which let you send your sweetie some love taps whenever you’re thinking about them.

This Sign That Assures Your Relationship Never Goes South

If you want to point your marriage in the right direction, this customizable compass sign allows you to mark the spot where your love story first began.

These Cozy Matching Bathrobes For Lazy Weekend Mornings

Give the new Mr. or Mrs. in your life the gift of not having to get dressed with this lightweight waffle-weave bathrobe set. The best part: You get to treat yourself, too.

This Map For Remembering All The Landmark Moments

Map out your courtship from your first encounter to your impending walk down the aisle with this customizable map print, which comes in several different size and material options.

This Card Game That’s Even Sexier Than Strip Poker

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a wild romp in the bedroom with this erotic couple game, which includes 60 ideas for naughty sex acts that you and your partner can try together.

This Push-Pin Map For Globe Trotters

Help your spouse keep track of all the places you’ve gone together (and all the places you have yet to go) with this handy push-pin world map, which is available to order in several different sizes and materials.

These Wool Slippers For Starting Off Your Marriage On The Right Foot

These wool slippers will let your partner relax their feet after dancing all night at your wedding — and they’ll keep your boo from getting cold feet the morning of the wedding.

This Photo Book For All Those Picture-Perfect Moments

With its unbending pages and pretty custom foil stamping, this fabric photo book will allow you to collect all the best moments you and bae have shared together (even though the best is yet to come!).

Even if your betrothed is already feeling pretty blessed (they get to marry you, after all), a thoughtful wedding gift can demonstrate just how excited you are to start your next chapter together.

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