13 vegan cookbooks to read if you are going plant-based

Whether you are already vegan or just curious, these cookbooks will give you some ideas to bring some more veggies to your plate. 

Going vegan after an entire life spent eating everything and beyond, is not easy, let’s be honest. There is no such a thing as waking up one morning and hating the smell of bacon, or being disgusted by cheese because a documentary pointed out that dairy farms are polluting the planet more than cars.

All these acknowledgements are fundamental to the decision to take the leap to plant-based eating, but they don’t make the transition much easier. London is a real vegan Mecca, with new plant-based restaurants popping up everyday, everywhere in the city. In reality though, being vegan can be challenging.

Maybe your corner shop doesn’t stock non-dairy milk (can we call it milk, now?) or you can’t find a vegan cheese for miles. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t cook delicious and decadent vegan food, with what you find in your local supermarket.

Here, we’ve found the 13 best vegan cookbooks that will make you a vegan food pro (or at least will help in your transition to changing your diet).

  • Vegan for good, Rita Serano

    Rita Serano is a famous vegan blogger who has produced some of our favourites books. This new book – in which chapters are split into Weekdays, Weekends, No Time At All and Sweet Celebrations – is perfect for everyone that wants to have a taste of vegan food but has no time to do the research. 

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  • Vegan eats, Rachel Ama

    You might have stumbled across Rachel Ama’s recipes on YouTube. Now, all her best creations are in her first book: Vegan Eats. All the recipes are simple and avoid complicated ingredients that you wouldn’t find in the supermarket, but are packed with the flavours from her Caribbean and West African roots. The plus: she suggests a song for every recipe, to always have the best soundtrack when cooking. 

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  • Jackfruit & Blue Ginger, Sasha Gill

    When she is not at medical school, Sasha is in the kitchen. If you are trying to reduce your animal products consumption but you love Asian food (we feel your pain), Jackfruit & Blue Ginger is the gift you need to give yourself. The writer takes her favourite dishes from her native Singapore and makes them vegan. The result? Absolutely delicious.

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  • Vegan treats, Emma Hollingsworth

    If you have a sweet tooth but you still want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, you need Emma’s book in your life. Her recipes are not only vegan, but also gluten and refined-sugar free, showing the world that desserts don’t have to be bad for you to be decadent and delicious. From carrot cake to banoffee pie, sweet treats have no secrets for Emma. 

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  • Vegan in 7, Rita Serano

    If you want to make the leap to veganism but you are a lazy chef, this book needs to be in your library. Every recipe in this book is incredibly simple, using seven ingredients or less with no processed food in sight. All of Rita’s food is nourishing, delicious and 100% wholesome. 

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  • 15 minute vegan, Katy Beskow

    Another book filled with amazing, fast, easy and mouth-watering recipes, Katy believes that everyone should be able to eat vegan and that’s why you will always find the ingredients needed for her recipes in your local shop. The book features 100 recipes, to channel the inner vegan chef in all of us. 

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  • Planted, Chantelle Nicholson

    This Kiwi chef knows how to make vegan food truly spectacular. Planted might not be an everyday cookbook but it’s definitely an amazing ally for a dinner party or for a night you want to treat yourself with something both delicious for the palate and the eyes. 

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  • So vegan in 5, Roxy pope and Ben Pook

    Roxy Pope and Ben Pook are an Instagram sensation with 227,000 followers and counting. Having switched to vegan for the environment, the animals and their health – as Roxy explained to Stylist – the couple makes sure that all their recipes are packed with nutrients, using only five ingredients, and have a low impact on the planet.   

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  • Minimalist Baker’s everyday cooking, Dana Shultz

    Dana’s blog is filled with easy recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, and it’s a real bible for anyone who is interested in vegan food. This book is just as great as her blog: all recipes use 10 ingredients or less, can be made in one bowl, or require 30 minutes or less to prepare. Real bliss for anyone that has no time or energy for cooking at the end of a long day. 

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  • Afro-vegan, Bryant Terry

    When thinking about Caribbean and Southern food, the mind goes straight to fried chicken or patties filled with pork – definitely not vegan friendly. If you are missing the comfort food, Bryant Terry has got you covered. The author reworks African, Caribbean and Southern cuisine and delivers more than 100 delicious recipes, all plant-based and mouthwatering.

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  • My new roots, Sarah Britton

    A Canadian holistic-nutritionist that made Copenhagen her home (but is now back to the greener Canada), Sarah’s cooking is all about nourishing your body (and mind) through food. Her first book covers the basics of plant-based food from how to cook grains to how to make nut butter. Our favourite recipe? Sarah’s gluten-free loaf of bread which is, truly, life-changing. 

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  • Vegan: The Cookbook, Jean-Christian Jury

    If you only want to own one vegan cookbook, this is certainly the most comprehensive. it has 480 pages filled with plant-based recipes from around the world. Peru, Albania, Italy, Zambia: all cuisines and cultures are mixed in this incredible food bible. Page after page, a true (and tasty) journey around the globe. 

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  • Katy Beskow is the queen of fast, easy, vegan recipes. Her new book, 5 ingredient vegan, is the perfect tool for those who don’t particularly like to cook and usually have barely anything in their fridge. From comforting soups to delicious to decadent pies, this book is full of ideas for the lazy cooks among us. 

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