50-year-old mistaken for 40’ thanks to Aldis age-defying cream

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With the cost of living crisis hitting beauty lovers’ purses hard, many are turning to cheaper brands or dupes for anti-ageing products, and Aldi is making waves in the beauty industry with their Lacura range; offering affordable products that provide excellent results. 

Aldi says the Caviar Illumination Day Cream “is the perfect way to start your day”. 

It is “light in texture and full of luxurious ingredients” with the ability to “keep on working throughout the day long after you have applied it”. 

The cream also has “added SPF, [so] it is a must for any skin-conscious beauty lover”.

The product is dermatologically tested and said to be a “luxurious lifting and firming skincare range for women 40 and above”. 

The cream is priced at £7.99 for a 50ml tub and has been given a near-perfect five-star rating online, with nearly 700 people leaving a review. 

According to customers, the day cream is quite difficult to purchase in store, with many recommending ordering it online. But it is currently sold out. 

As for how well the product works, hundreds of happy customers have shared their experiences. 

Deb wrote: “Absolutely fabulous! I’ve been using Aldi face creams for years, and this one for over a year. I never have breakouts, oily skin or other problems. In fact, I’m often mistaken for being 40 when I’m 50. 

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“It wasn’t available in store for weeks so I bought two online and they arrived super quick. I love it, love it, love it.”

Carol explained her experience with the cream: “I love this stuff! Being the right side of 40, I find this really helps to slow down the signs of ageing. I wouldn’t say it reverses anything but it is certainly a lovely day cream. Not an overpowering scent.”

Chris claimed it is the “best anti-ageing cream’ and offered “value for money”. 

Michelle called it a “wonder cream” and explained why: “Best cream Ever! magic in a pot, smooths lines and perfects face.” 

Revolution Pro Miracle Eye Cream

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Lacura Rejuvelate Day Cream

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-SPF 30-Dermatologically tested-Cruelty free-Reduces visible signs of ageing-Hydrates and firms skin

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream with

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An anti-wrinkle moisturiser that is clinically proven to improve hydration, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more radiant.

Another happy customer commented: “This amazingly priced day cream is soothing and gentle and incorporates SPF30 as well. I have used it for well over a year. I am in my late 60s and my skin has remained remarkably smooth and firm.” 

Shelley explained how “this cream has enhanced how [she] lives her life”. 

She said: “I am in my early fifties and my skin had started to show all the classic signs of the ageing process. My complexion was dull. I had enlarged pores. There were blotches of redness in particular areas of my face. 

“I paid for facials, Botox, and fillers, which helped but did not give me the glow of healthy skin. This was down to Lacura Caviar. After three weeks of daily use I was starting to get compliments about my dewy skin and how healthy it looked. I explained it was down to the miracle skincare range of products I had bought at Aldi.

“I now have a great Lacura cleansing and moisturising programme that takes minutes to complete and gives long-lasting effects. I would recommend to everyone.”

Another customer said: “I bought this after reading so many reviews online and in fashion and beauty mags, I have used a high end branded day and night cream for many years now which is so much more expensive, after my first application of the day cream I was super impressed with how it felt and looked on my skin, it’s super smooth and feels so luxurious, I then went to buy the night cream and was very impressed with this too…

“I’m so glad I tried it as it’s my new fave and will not go back to my old one. And more importantly, it’s saved me a small fortune. Would highly recommend you give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

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