6 Best Epilators 2020 | The Sun UK

IS your current beauty regime just not cutting it? We’ve answered your hair-loss prayers with our round-up of the best epilators available now.

Epilators have become an essential item for plenty of women because the hair removal lasts longer than shaving and it's also quick and easy to use.

In case you do not know, an epilator uses a rotating wheel of multiple tweezers that pull out your hair from the root as you move it across your skin.

Although painful, the results can last up to three weeks and it's usually easier and less messy than waxing.

There are many epilators out there, so you'll need to pick the best one suited for your skin and your needs.

For example, some are smaller and made especially to use on your face, while others are equipped with sensors guides for people with sensitive skin.

Here's our round-up of the best models available out there for every budget.

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