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IT'S GREAT to entertain outside, but when the darkness falls, it can get a little chilly. So why not consider investing in a new bit of kit to help keep your guests from freezing?

Enjoy the gentle glow and warmth with one of the best patio heaters in our round-up to keep the outdoor fun going for even longer.

A patio heater is just what you need if you want to stay in the garden a bit longer but it can still get chilly at night.

There are many different types of patio heaters on the market including gas, electrical, hanging, infrared, wall-mounted and more.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, you might opt to invest in a woolly jumper instead (one of these for men or these for women perhaps?) but at the very least, there are many more eco-friendly options available.

Patio heaters are great for those who want to heat up their outdoor space quickly with minimal fuss, but on the downside, you must sit near the unit to feel the warmth so they aren’t normally adequate for larger groups, unless you plan on making a feature of it and buying two.

Gas heaters cover a wider area, but they usually take a while to heat up and are more costly to run than electric, while being less eco-friendly.

When buying your patio heater check their coverage (in square feet) and their BTUs, which stand for British Thermal Units.

The larger the BTU rating, the larger the heat radius – as a general rule, freestanding patio heaters produce about 40,000 BTUs per hour which is enough to heat a 20-foot diameter space.

We’ve looked at the best expert opinions and scoured users reviews to bring you our pick of the best patio heaters you can buy right now.

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