A day in life of Sarah Ferguson: Meditation, Skittles and press ups

Sarah Ferguson, 61, reveals she meditates, does 30 press ups every other day and unwinds with a glass of burgundy – and says she and Prince Andrew are ‘very good co-parents’ who ‘always try to find the positive in any situation’

  • Sarah Ferguson, 61, said her grandson August loves her ‘helicopter noises’ 
  • Duchess of York said she does 50 sit ups and 30 press ups every other day
  • Added Diana, who died in 1997, would have split time between London and LA
  • Said you had to ‘give up anonymity’ when you married into the royal family 

Sarah Ferguson has revealed she meditates everyday, unwinds with a glass of burgundy and enjoys playing with her grandson August – who loves her ‘energy and hats.’

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, 61, who resides with him at Royal lodge in Windsor, said Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s son August, who was born on February 9, also loves it when she makes helicopter noises. 

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Fergie, whose new novel Her Heart For A Compass will be published by Mills and Boon on Tuesday, said: ‘He seems to love my energy and seeing me dress up in headbands and hats.’ 

She went on to say how Prince Philip’s death on April 9 has ‘left a huge void in the life of the family,’ but added she’s made it a rule to never share her private conversations with the Queen, her former mother-in-law. 

Sarah Ferguson, 61, confessed she loved to unwind with a glass of wine and binge-watched TV shows before bed. Pictured at a gala for the British Heart Foundation in 2018 

Fergie said she and Prince Andrew were ‘good co-parents’ who focused on the positive, and said it had been the ;greatest honour’ to become a public figure (pictured on her wedding day in July 1986)

The Duchess of York, who said becoming a public figure during her marriage to Andrew was ‘the greatest honour,’ admitted people who married into the royal family had to ‘give up anonymity’ – something she and Diana had to do in the 1980s when they married Princes Andrew and Charles, respectively in July 1986 and July 1981.   

Fergie, who is very close with her daughters Princess Beatrice, 32 and Princess Eugenie, 31, went on to say she and ex-husband Prince Andrew are ‘good co-parents’ who always like to see the positives in any situation.

‘My family likes to make magic and we used to do that by going for picnics. We would always try and find the positive in any situation. If it was raining, we’d find joy in jumping in puddles,’ she explained. 

The mother-of-two, who is working on her mental health and meditating every day, says she wakes up at 6:30, often after a dream-filled night, and eats soft boiled eggs for breakfast. 

Diana would have been focused on her charity work but still would have found time to visit London and Montecita in California to see Prince William and Prince Harry’s children, Fergie said. Pictured: Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry in 1988

Active Fergie, who revealed she had no plan of dating at the moment, went on to note she does 50 sit ups and 30 press ups every other day, and does an hour of steps on the staircase whenever she gets free time.

However, she admits she loves to unwind with a glass of wine, binge-watch shows at night before going to bed and tuck into Skittles – which she admits are her guilty please.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the Duchess of York said she believes her late sister-in-law Diana would have split herself between LA and London so she could spend time between her two sons equally. 

Fergie said she was proud of the way her two daughters held themselves in the public eye and called social media ‘an absolute sewer.’ Pictured: Princesses Beatrice, left, and Eugenie, right in 2017

Prince Harry, 36, moved to LA with his wife Meghan Markle after the couple’s shock exit from royal life in March 2020. They are raising their two children, Archie, two and Lilibet, who was born in June, in Montecito, California.     

‘She’d be travelling between Santa Barbara and Kensington Palace,’ Fergie explained. ‘She would also be championing her causes when it came to children’s charities.’

Fergie also said earlier this week that Diana would have been proud of Prince Harry, who decided to remove himself from royal duties in 2020.

Speaking to Good Morning America, she said: ‘I wish Harry and Meghan so much happiness. I know Diana would be so proud of her sons and their wives.’

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