A Way of Creation and Inspiration of a Brand

The sense of designing and creating seems impossible for those who cannot be passionate about their existence in the world, therefore, we highly regard our origin and emphasize the word create with our mission. The secret of designing and creating our brand is one of the greatest passions we have from the birth of this brand. The representation of Bonabag has always been significant to people and the world because the way we create our goods is not confined to mass production. We believe that Bonabag is a creative brand. In other words, it is not just a brand name that has the potential of ordinariness. Being original, different, and unique mean that you accept the risk of being independent. Every detail in the process of creating is considered from different angles before a Bonabag is made, so each piece should have the uniqueness of our mission.

Since the first day of its establishment, BONABAG has prioritized sustainability as a priority. It showed that in the craze of mass production and consumerism, craftsmanship and personal production are possible. Every journey starts with passion. This journey, to the real and natural, was created with a passion for timeless designs. BONABAG is with you in every moment of your life with its handmade 100% genuine leather bag and accessory collections.