All the Times the Cambridge and Sussex Families Quietly Took Hits at One Another

Prince William and Prince Harry are brothers, and they have a bond that will probably never be severed. However, that doesn’t mean there can’t be tension between the two and their families from time to time. And it seems that recently, the Cambridge and Sussex families have had something to say about the way the other family lives — here are all the times they have subtly taken hits at one another.

Harry and Meghan made a dig at Kate and William having three kids

Even before Harry and Meghan were married, there was no secret that they were eager to start a family. And for a while, many thought the two would want to have a large family with plenty of kids. However, when Archie was born, the couple’s perspective reportedly changed, and they decided they only wanted two children to help the environment. When speaking with primatologist Jane Goodall, Harry said he now only wants “Two, maximum!” referring to kids. “I’ve always thought: This place is borrowed,” he added, referring to the planet. Many people took Harry’s statement about kids to be a dig at William and Kate, who have three children (and have been rumored to be trying for a fourth).

William and Kate flew commercial after Harry and Meghan were criticized for private jet use

Though Harry and Meghan do a lot of environmental work, they received harsh criticism over the summer for their use of private jets. The two flew on four private jets in 11 days, which led many to attack them for being contradictory to their beliefs in helping the environment. Shortly after, William and Kate were seen flying commercial, which some saw as a subtle throw of shade toward Harry and Meghan. However, it also could have been that William and Kate simply didn’t want to be subject to the same criticism — though the Cambridges have been known to fly commercial on many occasions.

Some think Harry and Meghan’s Africa trip is to establish that they have a better work ethic

Harry and Meghan are currently on a major tour of Southern Africa, visiting South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, and Angola. The trip is not a vacation, but rather an educational royal engagement to bring awareness to various charities that help with issues such conservationism, women’s rights, and children living with HIV and AIDS. However, Harry and Meghan also may be using the trip to show their commitment to royal work and their strong work ethic. Over the years, the Cambridges have been accused of not having as strong a work ethic as they should and not taking as many charitable trips as they’re expected to.

There is no proof that the two families are actually ‘feuding’

Though there are several instances where it appears the couple are making digs at one another, there is still no hard evidence that there is any kind of feud. On Harry’s birthday on September 15, the Kensington Instagram account posted a loving photo of William and Harry laughing together — seemingly squashing any idea that the brothers don’t get along. Plus, Meghan and Kate attended Wimbledon together earlier this summer and were all smiles. It’s unclear if the family is saving face or not, but it does seem like they’ll always have some love for each other, even if things are difficult from time to time.

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