Amazon shoppers praise amazing at home laser hair removal device – currently on sale

With Christmas party season just around the corner, many of us will already be thinking ahead to perfect our festive looks ahead of the big day.

From selecting the ideal outfit through to finely tuning the perfect makeup look, there’s no shortage of ways to help us look and feel our very best – and certainly no shortage of tools to help make the process that bit easier!

One game-changer of a product, is the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal Advance, a hair removal device to help banish any unwanted fuzz no matter where on the body it happens to occur.

Currently on sale as part of Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days for £249, (that’s £100 cheaper than RRP!) the revolutionary hair removal device boasts a number of features, including the ability to see results from as little as in two weeks time.

In order to remove hair effectively, the device relies on intense pulse light therapy to safely eradicate hair at the root, by concentrating a beam of light onto hair follicles, heating them up and effectively stopping regrowth.

Once the hair has been removed, users need only top up the treatment once a month to maintain the effects, with the speedy process allowing both lower legs to be treated in around 15 minutes!

In addition to the main unit, the Lumea also comes complete with a portable trimmer too, to help banish any unwanted peach fuzz while away from home – perfect for any last minute sleepovers, or adjustments.

Suitable for most hair and skin types, users have been loving the product, with several singing the device’s praises after it helped them to achieve the look they were after.

“The effects are long-lasting, unlike my failed attempts at DIY spells. It's like having a permanent enchantment to keep hair growth at bay. Goodbye, daily battles with razors!” Praised one reviewer.

While a second added: “I cannot believe how good this is – a complete game changer!”

With more and more people to turning to IPL as a means of combatting any bothersome body hair, plenty of other options have also hit the market in recent months, allowing far more freedom of choice for shoppers when it comes to selecting the right product for them.

Take the FOREO PEACH™ 2 Permanent Hair Reduction IPL Device with Skin Cooling System, £369 here, for example, which is perfect for anyone concerned with IPL being a painful experience, as it also offers a unique skin cooling system to ease any irritation.

Equipped with smart skin sensing technology, the Foreo Peach also boasts a built-in skin cooling system with air ducts along the rim to allow for a continuous breeze of cool air during treatments and a pleasant T-Sonic™ massage to help take the stress out of hair removal.

Another option shoppers may want to consider is also the BRAUN Silk-expert Pro 5 PL5124 IPL Hair Removal System, £249.99 here which is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin thanks to it’s two sensitive modes and ten intensity levels, allowing you to find the perfect setting to suit your skin and hair type.

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