American living in UK confused why Brits hang small black bags on their fences

It's not uncommon for people to experience some form of culture shock when relocating to another country.

And this American has got a serious case of it since moving to the UK.

From supermarkets with clock towers to British parking habits, this US expat is never short of being 'confused' at everyday life in their new home.

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They have even built up 147,000 TikTok followers in the process of trying to figure out how to navigate their daily goings on this side of the pond.

This time around, the American became baffled at the sight of small black bags hung on the fences.

In the clip which racked up thousands of views, the US expat begged: "Can someone please tell me why all British people hang small bags from their picket fences.

"I'm so confused.

"What's inside?"

These black bags hung on fences did not contain any treats – but dog poo that owners could not be bothered to dispose of in the bin.

The faecal decoration that lined the pathway certainly hit a nerve with many Brits.

This user jibed: "It represents your humour."

A second said: "Dog [poo].

"If you're lucky one day you'll see a tree with every branch decorated."

Another blasted: "It has got dog s**t in it and some owners are lazy and can't be bothered to put it in a bin."

Someone else warned: "Don't touch that, it's dog poo."

However, others decided to try and fool the American who is not well acquainted with dog fouling.

One person mocked: "It's an offering to the dead, show some respect."

Another teased: "It's a secret you have to open it to find out…"

While a third joked: "A tasty treat!!!

"You should taste them, we leave them their as an Easter hunt kind of thing."

A fourth claimed: "The magical elves of the woods put free candy in them.

"Have a look if you don't believe me."

In response to the 'helpful' Brits, the American replied: "Ok I will check next time, thanks."

Hopefully they understood the sarcastic humour…


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