Aston Villa footballer slammed for high price of her 2024 calendar

Alisha Lehmann, dubbed the ‘world’s sexiest footballer’, faces backlash from fans over 2024 calendar which costs £50 – as the Aston Villa star claims an A-lister once offered her £90,000 for a one-night-stand

  • Switzerland’s Alisha Lehmann is selling the limited edition version for £149.99
  • The Aston Villa forward allegedly split from ex Douglas Luiz because of her 2022 calendar 
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Football fans have hit out at the women’s Aston Villa forward for the pricey cost of her brand-new calendar.

Alisha Lehmann, 24, who also plays as a forward for Switzerland, has left some fans shocked by how much they will have to shell out for her new merchandise.

The striker announced her calendar by sharing a sultry image on Instagram, donning a sleek black bodysuit coupled with black gloves and knee high boots. The image, published on September 18, was captioned: ‘Back for 2024…The Official Alisha Lehmann Calendar. Available to pre-order now! Link in my bio.’

However when her eager fans followed the link she had posted, they were unimpressed by the calendar’s eye-watering price tag.

It comes as the glamorous player, who is also a brand ambassador for KSI’s Prime drink, claimed a famous A-list celebrity offered her £90,000 for a one night stand.

Alisha Lehmann (pictured) announced the sale of her new calender on Instagram on September 18, but fans are not pleased about the price tag

A 2024 calendar of the Aston Villa forward will set fans back £49.99, and if they want a limited edition version then they will need a £149.99 spare

Alisha Lehmann’s calendar costs a whopping £49.99 – but for fans who want to own a limited edition version, it will set them back £149.99.

After she announced the 2024 calendar, fans responded to her Instagram post to share their dismay responded to her Instagram post to express their shock at the cost of the product.

One person wrote underneath the post: ‘£49.99 for a calendar though? I’ll pass.’

Others took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to voice their disappointment at the stunning footballer’s high calendar prices.

One person wrote: ‘$60 [using the US pricing] for a calendar? This better come with a meet and greet.’

Another upset user wrote: ‘£50 for a calendar what an absolute scam.’ 

A fan with a slightly more diplomatic tone said: ‘Lovely calendar, but £50 is too steep. If it was a signed calendar for £50, this would be more appealing.’

The Swiss football star allegedly split with her ex-Douglas Luiz, who also plays for Aston Villa, regarding her 2022 calendar

Lehmann has earned 42 caps for her country, bagging them seven goals in total. She has also netted 10 goals for Aston Villa during her 54 games with them after leaving West Ham

Fans took to both Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their shock at the calendar’s steep price tag with one person branding it ‘an absolute scam’

However, some fans disagreed that the calendar was too expensive and revealed they were quite happy to hand over their money. One fan wrote: ‘150 for limited edition??? TAKE MY MONEY.’

The calendar announcement comes as Alisha, who played for West Ham before moving to Villa, revealed she was once approached in Miami by a ‘well-known international star’ who she claims offered her £90,000 to have sex with him. 

‘I was in Miami, my favorite place, and I met some friends at a club,’ the player explained on the DirTea Talk podcast. ‘I got a message on my mobile, which I didn’t reply to, but the same person then messaged the bodyguard looking after me.’

‘The texts came from a very well known person. We had previously bumped into one another at an event.

‘The message said, “I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs (roughly $110,000) to spend a night with her.”‘

Lehmann turned down the offer, whilst questioning the amount teasingly, prompting the unnamed man to repeat-message her bodyguard.

‘But my answer was – no way! And just 100,000?,’ Lehmann added. ‘The crazy thing is that I still have his message on my phone. It is a bit stupid.’

When asked to reveal a hint about the identity of the man, she was tight-lipped, saying: ‘I cannot reveal his name. But he is very, very well known on an international level.’

In the same conversation, Lehmann told listeners that rapper Drake had been in touch with her ‘in the last three days’ to request an Aston Villa jersey of hers.

The player did not confirm whether she had greenlit the request of the For All The Dogs artist, but if she did, Drake may find the jersey she sends wanting.

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