Baby Archie Is Apparently An "Old Soul," According to Meghan Markle

While Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have left their four-month-old son Archie with a nanny for the very first stop of their royal tour in South Africa, the baby has finally stepped out for his first official appearance in Cape Town.

During his first-ever royal engagement, Archie is already meeting with human rights activists, like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his work ending South Africa's apartheid. Archie's parents brought him to the elder statesman's foundation (or "Arch" as Prince Harry jokingly referred to him in the Instagram Story video captured by the official Sussex Royal Instagram account) where he was blessed with a kiss on the forehead from Tutu before entering one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town, known as The Old Granary.

When the first photos of the baby were shared shortly after his birth, Archie's face was mostly obscured. Now, we not only have a full glimpse at what the young royal looks like, but we also know that according to his mother, he is "an old soul" who is apparently always trying to stand up whenever he can, as he did in her lap at Tutu's home, where a tower of cookies and baked goods were laid out before him.

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When Markle first arrived in South Africa, she brought plenty of children's clothes and toys to donate to various organizations. The items were initially given to the Duchess of Sussex as gifts for her son, though she and Prince Harry are not allowed to accept them, and instead donated them to children in need. She continued her tour of South Africa with a visit to the UK-SA Tech Hub, which helps female entrepreneurs to build tech skills. Little Archie appeared to sit that one out.

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