Best Dog Bowls 2019 | The Sun UK

DOGS are the most loving, devoted pets, but it’s important that owners accept one small fact.

No matter how much they adore you – and they will adore you – they’re going to love their food more.

A dog bowl is no longer just a simple bit of curved plastic anymore (in fact, everyone's trying to avoid plastic dog bowls, so it's definitely not that). These days, dog bowls are designed to adapt to the needs of your pet, like the bowls you'll see with intricate ridged designs on the inside.

They don't look like that for aesthetic reasons: these bowls are designed to help stop your dog from scoffing their chow too quickly and getting a tummy ache.

For larger dogs and older dogs, raised feeders can also make a huge difference, placing less strain on the dog's neck and hips as they eat.

Dog bowls are officially high-tech now, too: automatic pet feeders aren't just popular for cat owners who need to leave their cats overnight, but are also useful for dog owners looking to help their dogs do portion-control.

You can even record messages with your voice to comfort your pooch if they're having a meal while you're out. Woof.

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