Body language expert spotted Queen Elizabeth IIs one truly spontaneous moment

Queen Elizabeth II was known for her stoicism and unflappability, a pillar of stability even in times of chaos.

However, according to body language expert Judi James, the late Queen did have one very “spontaneous” moment during her long reign – and she shared it with one other royal.

The body language expert exclusively told about a very sweet moment between Queen Elizabeth II and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh.

She said: “Sophie was extremely close to the late Queen and her body language behaviour has always suggested she saw her mother-in-law as the perfect role model in terms of calm, fuss-free behaviour.

“The one truly spontaneous moment from the late Queen came when she straightened Sophie’s hat with one hand as they stood together outside church. 

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“It was such a natural act of open fondness and showed how relaxed the Queen felt in Sophie’s company.”

Despite being a monarch, she had a lovely maternal side and was nurturing towards her daughter-in-law.

In the picture, the Queen grinned as she carried out this motherly act, turning her body in towards Sophie and giving her her undivided attention.

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Judi previously spoke to about Sophie’s closest friend in the Royal Family, suggesting that she had an extremely close bond with the late Queen.

The expert claimed that Sophie provides a “calm and friendly presence in a family often overwhelmed by drama or crisis”, and is “friendly with most members of her family”.

However, her “most powerful friendship signals occurred when she was with the late Queen”.

She continued: “Although their relationship was very mother-in-law/daughter, the pair clearly had a friendship that bonded them closely together.

“They shared signals of affection in public but also signals of outright fun. It was a very supportive Sophie in the car with the Queen when Philip was in hospital in 2020.

“Poses at Ascot in 2018 show intense mirroring or postural echo between the two women, showing like-mindedness, and there were frequent uses of tie-signs to exchange a thought or emotion or even a belly-laugh.”

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