Bride wonders if its ok to sue family members for not coming to wedding

The woman came under fire from Reddit users after her dilemma was shared in the online forum.

Originally taking to Facebook to pose the question, the woman wrote: “I love my family dearly but sometimes they are flaky.”

Clearly concerned about the financial implications of her wedding, the bride-to-be revealed that she wanted to include an incentive for guests to actually turn up to the event.

To do this, she planned on adding a clause on each invitation that outlined: “If they RSVP and don’t come, I’m taking them to court for the cost of their portion of the food and services that I paid for.”

She added: “Obviously there’s no cost to them if they RSVP and actually come.”

Posing the question as to whether it was a “tacky” move, the engaged woman sparked controversy in the online forum.

One person responded to her dilemma with the claim that it was a “nonsense” idea, commenting: “I mean if Mariah Carey can sue her ex-fiancé and win for wasting her time, I’m sure some judge somewhere will hear this nonsense.”

Another wrote that the bride’s RSVP clause would only ensure one thing – that there are “zero guests” at her wedding.

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Almost every comment argued against the woman’s idea, which she suggested in a bid to avoid wasting money on her wedding.

A resounding response from fellow Reddit users was “concern” over the Facebook user posing the question about it being tacky in the first place.

One person commented: “I love that they don’t ask if this is legal, just if it’s tacky… you’d think that’s the obvious answer!”

Another mocked: “I’m sorry what did I just read? Pretty sure this bride will not get any RSVPs if she plans to threaten her family. Upside – she will save a ton on the catering since no one will come.”

The bride did manage to garner some support from the Reddit community. A user who goes by the name Mysterious-Mud-6017 said: “Sounds like the family of OP has let her down in the past allowing her to fork out dollars and not show up…and probably not reimbursed OP for it. She is probably sick of wasting money on things they say they’ll attend and then not show…”

Another suggested a less threatening way for the woman to encourage guests to turn up if they RSVP “yes” to her wedding.

The user named thornreservoir commented: “RSVPs are obviously not legally binding but theoretically the bride could add language like – the cost of attendance of this event is $150, which the bride will be subsidizing. Please sign below to acknowledge that in the event you respond yes but do not attend the wedding, you will be responsible for the full $150.”

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