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BUILD-A-Bear have launched a brand new Nightmare Before Christmas range with some of your favourite spooky characters.

The collection is currently only available online, and includes a Jack Skellington bundle for $55 (£44.73) and Sally bundle for $53 (£43.10).

Each bundle includes either a Jack Skellington or Sally teddy bear, one outfit, and a song chip which plays your one of the character’s songs from the 1998 Disney movie.

The bundle is similarly priced compared to other Disney collections by Build-A-Bear.

For example, a Young Nala doll from the Lion King collection would cost you $29 (£23.46), plus $8 (£6.47) for a song chip and $16 (£12.94) for an outfit.

In comparison, the Jack Skellington bundle includes a doll costing $29 (£23.46), plus $8 (£6.47) for a song chip and $18 (£14.56) for an outfit, making it only $2 more expensive.

Unlike other Disney collections, the Nightmare Before Christmas range can only be bought as bundles, instead of buying individual items.

The special collection teddy bears are more expensive than the generic teddy bears, which start at just $10 (£8.09) without outfits or song chips.

Sally’s chip plays “Sally’s Song”, while Jack Skellington’s chip plans “This is Halloween”.

Each teddy bear is about 16 inches tall, and comes pre-stuffed so there’s no need to take a trip to a Build-A-Bear workshop.

Don’t lose your head –but our NEW Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas collection is now available online! #TheNightmareBeforeChristmas

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Build-A-Bear announced the collection on Instagram with a post saying: “Don’t lose your head – but our NEW Disney The Nightmare Before Christmas collection is now available online!”

Customers were very excited about these new teddy bears, with one user writing: “EXTREMELY happy!!!! Thank you @disney and @buildabear for this!!!!”

The collection was released on September 5 and the pricier Jack Skellington bundle is already sold out online.

A Build-A-Bear spokesperson wrote on Twitter: “This item was VERY popular and sold out quickly. No set plans for a restock at this point but keep an eye out!”

The bundles are also available in the UK, with the Jack Skellington bundle costing £41.50 and the Sally bundle costing £40.50.

British Burton fans are in luck, though, as the Jack Skellington bundle is still in stock on the UK site.

To get the collection, visit the Build-A-Bear US site or the Build-A-Bear UK site.

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