Busan: ‘Suk Suk’ Rights Picked up by Films Boutique

World sales rights to gay drama “Suk Suk” were picked up by Films Boutique, on the eve of the film’s world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival.

Directed by Ray Yeung (“Front Cover,” “Cut Sleeve Boys”), “Suk Suk” is the story of two elderly men who have spent all their lives hiding their sexuality, but in late life are able to consider a different future. Yeung’s screenplay is inspired by a non-fiction book written by HK University Professor Travis Kong.

The film adaptation stars Tai Bo (“The Cabbie”) and Ben Yuen (“Tracey”). Patra Ga Man Au, Kong To, Chun Yip Lo, Yiu Sing Lam co-star.

“Sometimes you start watching a film without expectations and suddently something magic happens. ‘Suk Suk’ is one of these very rare films that is a very moving love story, supported by two oustanding actors’ performances,” said Films Boutique CEO Jean-Christophe Simon. “The film also has a strong political message of modernity about the current state of the Hong Kong society.”

The film plays in Busan, from Friday, in the A Window on Asian Cinema section and is a contender for the prestigious Kim Jiseok Award. Earlier this week it was revealed that “Suk Suk” had picked up five nominations for the Golden Horse Awards, including one for best picture.

It was produced and independently financed by Hong Kong-based New Voice Film Productions. Michael J. Werner, Teresa Kwong, Sandy Yip and Chowee Leow are set as producers. Yeung and Stanley Guingon are executive producers.

The film has a top notch behind the camera team. Camerawork is by Ming Kai Leung, production design by Albert Poon and editing consulting by William Suk Ping Chang.

Berlin-based, Films Boutique is attending Busan’s Asian Film Market with additional titles including: “Border,” by Ali Abbasi; “Birds of Passage,” by Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego; and “Liberte,” by Albert Serra.

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