CAA’s Pedro Ventura, Seriously Injured in Random Shooting, Posts GoFundMe Campaign

On the morning of Oct. 5, CAA’s Pedro Ventura was seriously injured in a random shooting in Asheville, North Carolina, that severed his spinal cord and initially left him paralyzed from the neck down and unable to breathe on his own.

Ventura was unacquainted with the gunman — who fired multiple gunshots into the crowd outside a nightclub — and was visiting the city for just one night for a wedding. Despite the presence of up to 300 people in the street, he was the only person struck by gunfire. As of earlier this month, police were still searching for the gunman.

While Ventura has made progress — including regaining partial control of his breathing and movement in his shoulders, defying doctors’ expectations — he has a long recovery ahead. His partner, Ezra Glenn, has set up a GoFundMe campaign.

It reads in part: “We are asking for your help to cover the costs of hospital stays, rehabilitation facilities, and 24/7 care for Pedro as he transitions into a life that is different, but still his own. We also need help with housing, transportation, and food costs for our family as we support him during this time. Your support means the world to Pedro and to all of us.”

In a statement provided to Variety, CAA head of music Rob Light said: “Pedro is a bright light in this world whose strength, character and tenacity inspire us every day. He is surrounded by an incredible group of family, friends and colleagues who will support him every step of the way throughout his recovery.”

Glenn said, “Pedro is a fighter, and the love, resources, and support we’re continuing to receive from our friends, communities, and our CAA family is giving him the strength he needs to overcome this. We don’t know what the future holds for Pedro, but given his lifelong record of exceeding expectations, we’re confident he’ll impress us all in his recovery.”

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