Can you find four apples in this autumnal sea of fall foliage?

Can you find four apples in this autumnal sea of fall foliage? You’ll need eyes sharper than a tart cider to spot them

  •  New optical illusion challenges you to find apples in an image full of leaves
  •  The photograph also features a fox and a rabbit on the bottom left corner
  •  Find the fruit arrives just in time for the fall season

The latest optical illusion that is leaving people on the internet stumped is the apples within the autumn leaves.

The autumn brain teaser is an image of a yellow square full of red, orange and yellow leaves and flowers.

It also includes a fox and rabbit sitting in the left corner of the image seemingly staring at the sea of fall foliage. 

So, in this photo containing a plethora of autumn leaves, can you find four apples right away, or will you need a sharper eye? 

Have a look at the image below and find out.  

This brainteaser consists of a variety of leaves and flowers that are perfect for hiding four apples throughout the photo

Apples come in a wide variety of colors, including red, yellow and green. Red apples are popular amongst apple orchards, and can be found in trees during the autumn months

One thing to think about when looking at the photo is that apples are in the shape of a circle, while the leaves come in a variety of triangular shapes.

It’s also important to remember that not all apples are red – but are also yellow, green, striped and can even be white. 

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the fox and the rabbit – as even though they’re staring at the sea of leaves, that doesn’t mean they’re staring at an apple.

If you think you’ve found all four apples, or are struggling to find just one, watch the YouTube video below to discover where these apples are hiding.

This brain teaser comes just before the first day of autumn – falling this year on September 23.

The new season brings colder weather to parts of the US, and causes the green leaves of trees to turn red, orange, yellow and purple.

Purple leaves have also appeared to be brown, which are featured in the photo provided by Gergely Dudás.

The orange fox imitates a red fox, a highly adaptable animal that is clever and cunning during the autumn months. 

Rabbits are animals that don’t hibernate in the winter, but they do spend extra time hunting for food when the weather gets cold in order to survive.

So, if one were to find the trees the leaves on the photo fell off of, they should also expect to find a rabbit or two lurking around. 

For anyone who had a hard time spotting the four apples who wishes to redeem themselves, they can take a look at another fall brainteaser created by Dudás.

This time, in order to succeed, one must find four roosters and one apple in an image full of turkeys.

This 2021 brainteaser is full of turkeys and pumpkins – but it’s also hiding four roosters and one apple

Roosters aren’t usually the first animal one thinks of when it comes to fall.

However, turkeys are the must-have animals of November – the month where people celebrate Thanksgiving.

The image also includes pumpkins, which usually enter supermarkets shortly before the first day of fall.

Were you able to successfully spot the roosters and apple, or did you find yourself struggling gain?

The image below will show you the locations of the apple and each rooster you may have missed.

The roosters and apple can be found all throughout the photo. The apple may be the most difficult one to spot due to it blending in with the feathers of a turkey

Those with sharp eyes may have had an easier time with this puzzle than others, especially when searching for roosters.

These animals consist of feathers that are similar to a turkey, feathers that usually fall off during the fall in preparation for the winter months. 

The apple spotted in this brainteaser is red – the color of a Macintosh apple that blends in perfectly with the color of feathers one sees in roosters and turkeys.

It’s unconfirmed what the white animals are in the picture, but they best resemble a breed of ducks due to their missing red feathers.  

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