Care and maintenance of the French Bulldog

This article is important to read for those who are looking for a French bulldog blue and tan for sale. The French Bulldog belongs to the decorative breeds of dogs, so captive or outdoor content does not suit him. We recommend preparing the house before the appearance of a pet in it. This will require:

A couple of bowls (for food and water). They should be wide and with low sides, because due to the special structure of the head, it is inconvenient for the French to eat from deep dishes.

The lounger should be away from the batteries, not near doors, windows or air conditioners, so that the pet does not overheat or, conversely, does not get cold, and also so that it is not blown out in a draft. It is necessary to find one specific place for the dog, so as not to confuse the pet with the transfer of his bed later.

Toys are better to choose immediately hypoallergenic. In addition, they must be bought in specialized stores so that there are no small parts that a dog can easily choke on.

Keeping your home clean is very important, as dust and dirt can easily trigger allergies in a French Bulldog.

Where the pet most often rests, there should be no drafts. Comfortable room temperature is also important so that the dog does not freeze and does not overheat.

Of the care products you will need:

  • claw cutter,
  • cleansing lotions for eyes and ears,
  • massage glove or wool brush.

For walking the dog will come in handy:

  • collar,
  • leash,
  • warm clothes for winter, summer – from the sun, as well as a cape for rainy weather,
  • shoes are needed to avoid frostbite and injuries, including from chemicals that are sprinkled on paved paths in cities.

At temperatures above 25°C and below 18°C, it is recommended to reduce walks with the French Bulldog. In the summer, you can take a bottle of water with you to give your dog a drink if necessary, thereby helping him to cool down quickly.

In the absence of problems with the skin and coat, the pet may well do without combing, and to reduce the amount of hair shed at home, it is enough to use a massage mitt or a comb for short-haired breeds a couple of times a week.

Bathing your pet is also not necessary. You can do this several times a year, and then if the pet is dirty. In addition, only hypoallergenic shampoos should be used. With frequent bathing, the skin will become dry.

Be sure to follow the eyes, folds on the face, ears and teeth of the pet. They should be cleaned regularly, and if any inflammation or discharge appears, it is better to take the dog to the veterinarian.

The French Bulldog usually grinds off its claws when walking on asphalt or digging in the ground. If this is not enough, then they should be cut with a nail cutter or contact a specialist.