Clever mum uses sun cream to remove permanent marker from walls in seconds

A nifty mum has discovered a genius hack to remove permanent marker drawings off the wall – and you can buy it from your local supermarket.

Typically, you'd have to spend hours repainting and scrubbing after the kids create messy masterpieces on bedroom walls.

And let's not forget this woman who drew a giant penis on a wall and thought a new fresh paint could cover it.

Sadly, a lick of paint isn't always enough to get rid of the marks.

But don't fret – a mum has shared how you can use sun cream to get rid of any stains.

Kate shared her lesser-known cleaning tip on her TikTok page @thebastfamily, where it's been viewed more than 20,000 times.

Kate posted the question in the clip, showing: "Parent hack – can sun screen get Sharpie off the wall?"

The mum-of-one demonstrates it by using Sharpie pen to scribble "I hope this works" on the wall.

She then sprays sun cream all over the black markings and quickly wipes it off with a damp cloth in circular motions.

The mark has visibly come off as soon as the sun cream dissolves on the inks and the scribbling magically disappears.

Viewers wondered if it would work on hours-old Sharpie mark while some commented on their own tricks to deal with permanent marker stains.

One suggested to use magic eraser and another mum said coconut oil also worked wonders.

A third said: "Hairspray works too! It also removes hours old Sharpie marks."

"Makeup remove wipes get Sharpie off of skin fast!" a fourth wrote.

"And anything with high amounts of rubbing alcohol remove Sharpie."

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