Couple told to ‘grow up’ after sending very rude ‘will you be my best man?’ card

When it comes to choosing a best man and maid of honour, couples will do everything to make the gesture cute and funny.

But one couple decided to take it way too far and let's just say it didn't go down well on Facebook.

Posting on a wedding shaming group, an image of the "will you be my best man?" card – which used swear words 11 times – was shared.

The card read: "Hey f*** face. As you know we got f***ing engaged. Now we are organising a motherf***ing wedding. So, I've got a f***ing question for you. Will you be my f***ing best man?"

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The rude card then featured a tick box for the best man, with the options, "f*** yes", "f*** no," and "f*** you".

It also had "check a f***ing box and send that c***sucker back to me," before ending the card off with "suck a d***".

Facebook users were confused by the shocking invite, with one writing: "Since when was it legal for two 13-year-olds to get married?"

Another added: "I just don't get the 'f*** you' box. Like… so are you coming or not?"

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A third commented: "Every time I see one of these it reminds me of a nine-year-old who just started swearing to sound cool."

Meanwhile, other Facebook users suggested the couple were being immature.

One said: "Grow up, bride and groom."

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