Dad with 95% of body tattooed shares throwback as he spills on next years plans

A dad with hundreds of tattoos delighted fans as he shared a throwback snap on Instagram.

Remy has spent hours on his transformation with some designs and blackwork all over his body.

The Canadian often teases fans with throwbacks and promises them he's nowhere near done with his tattoos.

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Now in a recent post to his 204,000 followers, Remy shared a side-by-side snap as he let slip on next year's plans.

He wrote: "These photos are less than a year apart, it's fair to say things have changed.

"Next year the differences will be even more incredible."

In the left photo, Remy had longer hair with fewer tattoos on his face from today.

While in his more recent shot, the dad went over the rose design which runs from his neck to his face.

He also added a little bit more colour, with a subtle red that flows with the white on the blackwork.

Fans were more than impressed with his recent upload as it racked up a lot of attention on his Instagram.

One said: "I'm just so impressed at how well that white work on your blackout is staying. It looks so good dude."

Another added: "That's a huge difference, but totally stuck with the same idea."

And a third praised: "Those snake hangers are sick!"

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While a fourth chimed in: "You made such an amazing glow up in one year, amazing!"

The heavily tattooed dad often shares older snaps to show how far he's come in his journey.

Recently, Remy shared a five-year transformation as he told fans he's planning more ink.

In the first snap, he ditched his top as he showed off his intricate torso which features an eye at the centre.

He sported a short hairstyle as he displayed his heavily inked chest with a lot of red ink at the time.

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