Do Full Moons ALWAYS Cause Breakups?

Full Moons are notorious for making people feel emotionally all over the place and blurting out the things they resent the most in other people. Because of that, Full Moons are also representative of “endings” in astrology, including (sorry!) breakups and falling outs.

However, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth. As a professional astrologer for over a decade, I’ve seen more people want to work out existing issues in their relationships during a Full Moon than any other luminary. Why? Because the Moon represents our emotional truth. More often than not, people declare some intense as heck things to their boo during this time.

The Full Moon allows us to take a deep dive within and speak from the heart—without a filter. If there is animosity brewing between a couple, they usually want to hear out the problems and work through them at this time. Truths unfold naturally and people don’t hold back.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon, there’s usually a roadblock that stands in the way between us and our partner. At this time, we can feel the lunar pressure to elevate emotional circumstances. Don’t stress! Calm TF down! Understand that the current cosmic thermometer is pushing us to be extra with our desires. Meaning, we feel that we have to level up our relationships ASAP—or GTFO. This tense vibe is felt even before the Full Moon, so if you and bae had a big fight last week, now you know why!

We can open up because we feel way more seen and heard by our S.O.

Full Moons are actually a time when people want to work on relationship dramz. Remember, this luminary sheds a bright glow on Earth, which actually makes us see situations and people more clearly. Don’t forget, the Moon in astrology is the part of ourselves that we cannot express. So, when the Moon casts a luminescent glimmer on this part of ourselves, we can open up because we feel way more seen and heard by our S.O. (with no judgement)—and vice versa. We’re all a little more emotionally intelligent right now and able to see how much someone really cares about us.

So yes, Full Moons technically mark “endings,” but not in the way we think. By helping us see the relationship from a deeper and clearer perspective, the Moon puts an end to the drama and boosts our commitments. Of course, if the issues can’t be fixed, a breakup will probs happen, but then you at least know for sure that it was for the best. Full Moons are just here to make us work harder on matters of the heart—and don’t deserve the ominous reputation they have.

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