Drivers urged to avoid parking in certain spaces or face hefty fines

It's no secret that it can be difficult to park sometimes.

If you're visiting someone, are unsure of an area or just can't find a spot when you need one – it can be a stressful part of driving. But you need to ensure you're careful to avoid being fined.

A nationwide survey commissioned by revealed millions of UK drivers still misuse parking spaces, with 7% admitting to parking in parent-child spaces without a child and 5% in disabled spaces without someone disabled or a Blue Badge. The survey's revelations show the need for increased awareness and adherence to parking rules, as many people require these spaces for their daily needs, and it could also cost you money.

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Misusing the spaces prevents those who genuinely need them from accessing the facilities. Ash Young, Founder of, said: "Our survey results show that there’s still a lot of unauthorised use of parking spaces. They’re designed to make it easier for anyone with specific needs so they can access shops, facilities and services.

"Parking in these when you don’t need them can make it really difficult or impossible for those who require them to go about their daily life. Some disabled people may even be forced to abandon a shopping trip and go home if they can’t find suitable parking."

As they appear in private car parks, rules can vary, but they’re required to clearly display their rules for the use of parent and child spaces, alongside the potential fine for misusing them. It varies what age your child must be for eligibility, and some will require you to take children out of the car with you or they must be using a booster seat if you want to park in one.

If you’re caught misusing a parent-child space, you could be hit with a fine of up to £100. To use a disabled parking space, you need to have a blue badge displayed on your car's dashboard.

It's also important to remember that the blue badge is linked to a specific person, not a vehicle. So, if you're travelling with someone who has a blue badge, you can still use the parking space as long as they are with you.

A penalty charge notice for a driver misusing a disabled bay can range from £70 to £100. Not to mention, if you use a Blue Badge without being entitled to, you could be hit with a £1,000 fine.

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