Eminem fan in Scotland sets Guinness record for most tattooed portraits of same musician

Nikki Patterson is not afraid of a tattoo needle.

The 35-year-old woman from Aberdeen, Scotland, has just secured the Guinness World Record for having the most tattoos of the same musician, with 15 portraits of Eminem across various parts of her body.

Patterson, who goes by @CrazyEminemLady on Instagram, also tells Fox News she’s also gotten a 16th tat since her record was confirmed, with plans for five more in the near future.

“After that… it will depend on how much skin I have left.”

Patterson told Fox News on Monday that she first fell in love with Eminem’s music when she was 14, getting her first Slim Shady-inspired tattoo at 19. But it was only about three years ago that she really began collecting the tattooed portraits.

“I saw an Eminem tattoo by [Scotland-based tattoo artist] David Corden had done and I just knew I needed one,” she said. “And that tattoo changed my life overnight, because I started wanting to be seen rather than being ashamed in my own skin.”

Since then, Patterson has seen Eminem live a total of seven times, and collected more than twice as many tattooed portraits of the rapper. She also has 12 other Eminem-themed tattooed based on his song lyrics.

“I got a second one, and a third and it just went from there. I’m a changed person — I’m confident now and love looking in the mirror. I’ve got thicker skin and worry less about what people think about me,” she told Fox News of her hobby.

In addition to her newfound confidence, the tattoos have also netted Patterson a world record, which the organization officially recognized in late September. And despite receiving her certification in the mail only a few days back, Patterson has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. She has an upcoming appointment for yet another Eminem portrait on Oct. 23, and four more — all portraits — after that.

“I’m gonna keep breaking my own for now, lol,” she told Fox News.

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