Expert shares how to apply serum for younger looking skin

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You may have the perfect skincare routine, but are you applying your products in a way that actually benefits your face? Makeup artist and aesthetician Nikol Johnson shared an important tip about applying skincare serums that will make your skin look younger and better.

Investing in good quality skincare is not enough. According to the expert, women must apply their products in a particular way.

Nikol told her 393,000 subscribers: “You’re going to want to apply your skincare, your serums, in an upward, outward motion.”

She revealed that this is a “very important” aspect of looking younger: “As an aesthetician, when doing facials we are always working up the skin.”

She explained that she starts from the décolleté, which is the area of the chest and neck that a low-cut top might expose.

While facial skincare is of course paramount, it is crucial that mature women do not forget their chest and necks.

This area is known to give off a woman’s age, so it’s important to nurture and care for it in addition to the face.

According to the expert, going “up the skin” is the key, from the décolleté to the neck, and up to the cheeks. Using this method, Nikol gave her top tips for applying serum.

Firstly, women should put the serum in the palm of their hand and warm it up by rubbing the hands together.

Then, starting from the middle of the face, with fingers placed each side of the nose, they must move their fingers “up and out”.

This should be repeated exactly the same way starting from the jawline.

But why does it matter how skincare is applied – isn’t it good enough to be using the product at all?

According to Nikol, it’s fundamental: “You want the blood and the lymph working, you want to contour your face.

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“Take that time to really give your face that massage, working upwards, working outwards – always up.”

Another tip was to start on either side of the nose, moving up towards the ears and down the jawline to “drain that lymph”.

The expert claimed that these techniques will “make a big difference”.

Once your skincare is complete, it’s time to move onto makeup application – and there’s a specific way to do this too.

Nikol advised women to use their lipstick “in a very unconventional way”.

The expert revealed that she likes to use her lipstick as blush. This tip works on the go when you have a lippy to hand but not blusher – and if it’s a “natural or rosy shade”.

She stated: “It’s fast, it’s easy, and it almost is a nice way to have one product for two uses.”

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