Fergie cuts a smart figure as she continues her publicity blitz in NYC

Sarah Ferguson says she misses her ‘friend’ Queen Elizabeth and reveals they joked about fairies on lockdown walks – while Princess Eugenie says she’s ‘so proud of Mumma and Beabea’ on International Women’s Day

  • Sarah Ferguson said that the Queen was more of a mother to her on The View
  • While her daughter Princess Eugenie praised her on International Women’s Day
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Sarah Ferguson has recalled her lockdown walks and talks with the late Queen Elizabeth II as they joked about ‘fairy rings’ in the ground and Her late Majesty asked about Fergie’s books. 

The 63-year-old Duchess of York, joined the panel on New York-based TV show The View today. 

During the interview, Fergie spoke of her relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II, revealing how much she misses her. 

The former wife of Prince Andrew told the hosts: ‘I miss my friend because she was more of a mom to me than my own mom. She was so incredible.’

She spoke about close she became with ‘HM’ – Her Majesty – during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. 

Sarah Ferguson (pictured) cut an elegant figure in a black suit as she stepped out in New York’s Upper West Side 

Fergie explained: ‘We did chat a lot because the last three years in particular, during the pandemic, I used to go – don’t worry I stuck to the rules – to take her out in the garden and we would both go wandering around the gardens with the doggies.’

She continued: ‘This is the moment that HM would say “how’s the magnolia trees?”  and “how’s Daphne plant?” and “how’s the garden?”‘

‘And I’d say “but mumma I have a new children’s book out” or something.’

Sarah also revealed how she would sweetly call Queen Elizabeth II, the mother of her ex-husband, ‘mumma’. 

The Queen would ask Fergie: ‘What is it about now Sarah?’

To which the the Duchess would respond: ‘It will only take you one minute to read it.’

She continued to explain how on their walks she would then point down to the ground and tell the Queen ‘there’s a fairy ring there.’ 

Fergie added: ‘And she was so brilliant and so great and such a sense of humour that she’d say “yes, there is a fairy ring there,” and she came with the game.’

Princess Eugenie posted a sweet post for her mother and sister, Princess Beatrice, on Instagram for International Women’s Day. It’s believed the snap was taken during a recent family holiday to Norway 

Fergie then sweetly revealed: ‘miss my friend because she was more of a mom to me than my own mom. She was so incredible.

‘She was so forgiving, and she didn’t judge me. She used to say to me “just be yourself Sarah, and one day you’ll be alright.”‘

The panel then addressed the subject of Diana feeling like she wasn’t accepted into the royal family, to which Fergie said: ‘To be honest with you, I made a choice. 

‘I made a choice that I loved her and I really respected her since I was a little girl and therefore it was my duty to be with her, which is why I feel now she’s gone I can… maybe Sarah’s coming out now.’

Fergie then added: ‘The one reason I was always with her because I think she was best friends with my mum and when mum went to live in Argentina, and then we went to war with the Argentines and the Queen said “no no, I want Susie to come to the wedding.”‘ 

Fergie cut an elegant figure as she stepped out on the Upper West Side in a smart suit on Wednesday to join the panel earlier in the day. 

She was was pictured arriving for an appearance on the View in New York City in a two piece black suit for her stint on the American talk show created by broadcast journalist Barbara Walters

She paired her stylish wide legged suit with a lime green statement silk shirt and suede heel black boots. 

The former wife of Prince Andrew wore a wide leg black suit, with a lime green satin shirt as she arrived outside The View 

Meanwhile, her daughter Princess Eugenie shared a gushing tribute to her mother on sister on Instagram saying she’s ‘so proud’ of ‘Mumma and Beabea’.  

Sarah wore a golden sun pendant around her neck and pinned her auburn curls behind her eyes, while opting for statement black eyeliner.

She was pictured in good spirits outside of the venue on New York’s Upper West Side, waving at passers by. 

Early in the day Fergie’s daughter Princess Eugenie posted a picture of her mother and sister, Princess Beatrice to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

In the post, the mother-of-one who is pregnant with her second child said: ‘Happy International Women’s Day. I’m so lucky to have my mum and sister as two incredible women in my life. Beabea, Mumma so proud of you! Xx’

Fergie teamed her stylish ensemble with a pair of suede heeled boots and golden sun pendant for the visit  

Eugenie posted two pictures of the trio on her Instagram, of them wrapped up warmly in snowy conditions on a boat, believed to be taken on a recent family trip to Norway. 

The former wife of Prince Andrew is currently in New York as part of a lengthy publicity blitz to promote her new novel, which ‘draws upon historical characters and biographical elements from the Duchess’ life and family lineage’.

Thus far the mother-of-two has done a number of wide-ranging interviews during which she has addressed her ongoing role within the royal family – as well as her relationship with her disgraced ex-husband Prince Andrew, whom she split from in 1996.

Earlier this week she made a bold statement as she sat down for a ‘conversation’ with Glamour editor Samantha Barry to discuss her upcoming romance book, A Most Intriguing Lady. 

Eugenie posted two photos of the trio on her Instagram of them in snowy conditions and on a boat 

Fergie was seen arriving at 92nd Street Y on the Upper East Side on Monday in a white studded jacket, which featured lace-up detailing along both sleeves.

She paired the statement piece with a black knee-length skirt and over-the-knee black boots, and she was seen carrying a pair of green reading glasses in her hands as she made her way inside the famed venue. 

Sarah was chauffeured to the venue at about 6pm and gave a cheery wave as she stepped out of a black SUV, while flanked by several security guards. .

Royal megafan John Hoatson, 49, was first in line outside 92NY after taking a four-hour bus journey from Baltimore to New York for the talk.

Fergie pinned her auburn curled hair behind her ears showing off her silver and diamond earrings, and opted for statement dark eye liner

She was pictured in good spirits outside of the venue on New York’s Upper West Side, waving and smiling at passers by

Hoatson, who has a 13,000-piece collection of Royal memorabilia, told DailyMail.com that he fell in love with the royals aged eight and described Fergie as an ‘unsung hero’ of the monarchy and ‘similar to Diana’.

‘I’m excited to see what she has to say, her perspective since the Queen passed away,’ he said. ‘I’m here to support her. She’s a wonderful person, very caring, she gives so much to so many.’

He said recent scandals and controversies in the Royal family hadn’t dampened his support, adding that he was looking forward to hearing Fergie’ s thoughts on ‘the future with her and with Prince Andrew’.

About 250 people, mostly women, were seated in the auditorium – which was half-full – for the talk. Pre-signed copies of the Duchess’s book, A Most Intriguing Lady, were also on sale for $30.

The former wife of Prince Andrew is currently in New York as part of a lengthy publicity blitz to promote her new novel

In an interview, Fergie revealed to Hello magazine that she is financially supporting Prince Andrew, who she says has not accepted any taxpayer money since he was removed as a working senior royal.

‘Since he stepped back [from royal duties] he doesn’t actually take taxpayers’ money,’ she told the publication. ‘And I’m in a position where I can support him and the rest of the family through my work. And I’m really pleased and proud to do that.’

She added: ‘All I will say is that for many years now – it started with Budgie the Little Helicopter – I’ve really pushed to look after my girls and to contribute to the York family life.’

Speaking to The Telegraph last week, the Duchess of York vowed that she will ‘always be there’ for her former spouse – because of her ongoing devotion to her late mother-in-law the Queen.

‘During the last three years, her poor son has been going through such a tumultuous time,’ she revealed.

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