Festive fireworks may not be fun for your furry friends

For many Manitobans, Canada Day and fireworks go hand-in-hand – but there are some members of the family who may not be so keen on celebrating.

Winnipeg Animal Services chief operating officer Leland Gordon told 680 CJOB that dogs, cats and fireworks usually don’t get along, and that there are a number of steps pet owners can take when it comes to keeping their pets safe this holiday weekend.

“We’ve got fireworks coming up on July 1, so obviously that evening it’s imperative people keep all their pets indoors, because some pets will get spooked,” said Gordon.

“They’ll take off, they’ll go over a fence, they’ll go under a fence. Usually the next day after Canada Day, we’ll get a higher number of calls about pets being stray.”

Gordon said pet owners should make sure their pets have proper identification – licences, microchips and tattoos – so they have maximum protection in case they do run off.

Overall, though, he said you should just spend time with your scared pets in a comfortable environment.

“At the end of the day, some pets are scared, so the number one thing you can do is keep your pets indoors,” he said.

“I would say any time there’s going to be fireworks, whether it be New Year’s Eve or Canada Day, spoil your pet. Give them extra treats, keep them by your side… because the last thing anyone wants is for your pets to get out late at night.”

Fireworks aside, another danger around Canada Day is extreme temperatures – and Winnipeg’s forecast is showing hot, sunny days over the long weekend.

“Every year, tragically, we hear stories where people are leaving their pets in cars,” said Gordon.

“If you’re going out for the day, going shopping, leave your pets at home. Be sure your pet has proper food water and shelter at all times… the last thing anyone wants to hear is about a dog or cat dying of heat exhaustion.”

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