Girl accidentally makes giant hole in wall – but mum’s reaction is incredible

Children can be a blessing, but they can also be a bit of a curse.

They break things, they make a mess and they can drive you insane with their tantrums and whining.

But it's how you deal with all these things as a parent that really makes a difference.

One mum has recently shared an incident that happened in her home and it's inspiring people all over the world to think about the way they interact with their little ones.

The parenting blogger, known as Play at Home Mom, took to her Facebook page to explain exactly what happened when her daughter made a giant hole in their wall – and her reaction was incredible.

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In a post, which has since gone viral, she encouraged fellow parents to "give love".

She wrote: "Our girls were messing around yesterday. One of them happened to put their body through the drywall.

"My nine year old came downstairs crying and frantic saying she had to show me something. I walked upstairs to the damaged wall. The remorse was already displayed all over her body.

"She didn’t need me to make her feel guilty. She didn’t need me to shame her. She didn’t need me to make an already crappy situation worse."

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The young girl apologised and confessed to her mother that she wasn't ready to tell her house proud dad what she'd done as he was going "to be so mad".

The mum told her it was ok and suggested she wait until she was ready to tell him.

"She knew. She knew that he was the one most impacted by this. He would be the one taking time from his day to fix this," she continued.

"I walked downstairs and told my husband. The kids put a hole in the wall. A big one. M is really upset about it. She’s working up the courage to come and tell you about it."

The woman went on to explain that as parents they had two choices when it came to dealing with it – they could either scream and yell and make their daughter feel "more awful than she already does" or they could accept their child for how awesome she is – even when she makes mistakes.

"Our response will 100% determine how she comes to us with mistakes in the future," she added.

They chose the second option, and because of it, say their daughter "walks around with a little more trust, feeling loved and connected. She walks around knowing that she can tell her parents anything and that she is safe."

More than 248,000 people have shared the mum's post, with over 216,000 liking it.

Many also took the time to comment, sharing their thoughts.

One person replied: "This is so awesome!"

Another said: "So very important. We as adults make mistakes and have accidents too. We're human, we can't expect perfection from everyone, especially kids. What an awesome teachable moment for everyone."

A third responded: "YES! Yelling does NO good. I wish one of my parents had this perspective growing up."

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