Glenn Close just kicked off Halloween 2020 with her homemade Cruella De Vil costume

Still intent on celebrating Halloween this year? Get some fancy dress ideas from the celebrities, such as Glenn Close – who just stepped back into the shoes of Cruella De Vil.

From birthdays to Christmas and weddings, we accept that most celebrations will continue to be a little different for the foreseeable future. But nothing – and I mean nothing  – can stop people from dressing up in a Halloween costume. 

Sure, we might not be able to get together at a party to do the Monster Mash. That’s not to say we can’t still celebrate this ghoulish time of year with a bit of fancy dress. And this means that celebrities will once more be uploading plenty of scary selfies this year, too. 

Last year, Maya Jama pretty much won Halloween with her evil mermaid costume. And let’s not forget Heidi Klum’s annual party, which saw her dressed as… well, nobody could quite work out what she was –but we can all agree it was damn scary. We also had a lot of fun reading celebrities’ comments on photos of people dressed up as them.

Glenn Close has now kicked off this year’s celebrations by dressing up as her most iconic character.

Close of course played Cruella De Vil in the 1996 adaptation of Disney’s 101 Dalmations. As part of Bette Middler’s virtual Hocus Halloween fundraiser for her New York Restoration Project, Glenn did a DIY job of reprising the role of Cruella and shared the photos on Instagram.

Giving instructions on how to achieve the “homemade Cruella” look, she wrote:

“Chopstick painted red = cigarette holder.

“Wig = online

“Red gloves with black nails = black gloves with nails under red gloves with cut off tips

“Leopard scarf = silk long Johns

“Dalmatian puppy ears = local Halloween store

“Coat = wardrobe from my movie The Wife

“Makeup: Didn’t have a really pale base so I tried baby powder. Looks weird on the side of my face. Not a rousing success. Also needed a liquid eyeliner…next time.”

Naturally, thousands of online fans have freaked out over how happy they are with Close’s revisit to one of the most famous and feared fictional villains in history.

We can’t wait to see what other celebrities dress up as throughout the month, and we’ll keep you updated on them here.

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