Granddad makes incredible mini caravan – and it even has double glazing

Everybody seems to be on a caravan hype right now (what with the boom of staycations) but none quite come close to this.

A talented granddad started a project in lockdown to give to his granddaughter, and the results were definitely worth the work.

The man – whose daughter shared photos of the mini caravan he made on Facebook – even put insulation and double glazing in the structure, which he made totally from scratch.

The pink caravan was described as ‘good enough to move into’, and his granddaughter is reportedly ‘in love’ with her new mobile playhouse.

Writing on Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the man’s daughter said: ‘I have one clever dad!!! He knocked this beautiful shepherd’s hut up for my daughter from scratch. 

‘Drew his own plans, ordered the materials, used his AMAZING carpentry skills et voila.

‘It’s even insulated and has double glazed windows. 

‘All built by his own fair hands and good enough to move in to. My daughter Nola and I are literally in love.’

The caravan has its own mini balcony and kitchen, along with a plush seating area for the little girl and her cuddly toys.

People on the Facebook group were clearly as impressed as we are, and the post has now racked up over 130,000 likes.

Comments poured in too, with one person saying: ‘He has a talent, he could make and sell them.’

Another added: ‘This is absolutely amazing. A tiny house incarnation.’

The proud mum has shown the post to her dad and said: ‘He is literally overwhelmed by all the likes and amazing comments.’

Given how much the Tiny House movement has taken off in recent years, there could be a great business up ahead for this man – as well as some fun play times for his adoring granddaughter.

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