HILARIOUS ways London underground tube stations were named

Comedian leaves viewers in stitches with TikTok video about how London Underground stations were named

  • George Olney, from London, says Abba hit ‘Waterloo’ inspired the station’s name
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A comedian has left viewers in hysterics with a TikTok video suggesting how London Underground stations were named.

George Olney, from London, posted the hilarious video on TikTok which sent his 136,000 followers into a frenzy.

The content creator is known for putting a comedy spin on every day situations, with his videos hitting a total of 5 million likes on the video platform. 

The funnyman suggested some London Underground stations were named without much thought, with Waterloo station being named after legendary pop group Abba’s signature hit. 

Commenting on the video, fans said they had ‘lost it’ at his funny name suggestions for the stations. 

George Olney, from London, has come up with the most hilarious ways London tube stations were named

The content creator says Abba’s hit ‘Waterloo’ inspired the station’s name, among many other comical suggestions

He opens the video: ‘Oh crumb, the tube map deadline is tomorrow guys and we’ve still got a bunch of stations that need names.’

The hilarious roleplay sees various versions of himself going back and forth as they each conceptualise the inspiration behind London’s busiest stations.

George, taking the lead of the posse continues: ‘What’s your favourite Abba song?’ 

‘Waterloo’ he responds to himself. ‘Strong start’ he responds again.

He asks his fictional colleague ‘Earl’ for his mother’s first name, to which Earl answers ‘Victoria’. And alas, George insinuates that this is the hysterical way the central London station was named.

Moving to an outdoor area with a gate, another member of his team remarks how ‘high’ the gate is – resulting in the name ‘Highgate’. 

Now the last one makes sense 😅 #london #londonunderground #tube #tubestations #viral #fyp #uk

The influencer then moves on to King’s Cross station which he humorously says came about after spending time with ‘the King’ who is currently ‘cross’.

Next up is Barbican which he says make-believe bosses were inspired to create after hearing character ‘Earl’ say his favourite toy is a ‘Barbie’.

The decaying nature of the outdoor gate results in ‘old gate’ and eventually ‘Aldgate’, meanwhile Earl’s seven sisters bring about the name for the North London tube station. 

The video has garnered a whopping 4.5million views and has proven so popular, George has made it into a three-part series.

‘I need a part two’ demanded one follower in response to the video.

George’s fans say the video was so funny they ‘lost it’ while some even sent in their local station names for review

Another said: ‘Oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard’.

A third said: ‘Earl’s Caught I lost it’ – after ‘Earl’ snags his trousers on a table edge and shouts ‘Hang on I’m caught’.

And eager for more, one person said: ‘West Ham, I’m begging you’.

‘Canada Water! Please!!!’ requested another. 

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