Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Tuesday, June 6


Accepting a new challenge or opportunity is one way to rediscover talents and knowledge you have not used for a while. It will be the encouraging comments of your family and friends that will give you the faith to bring these back out into the open.


Play your cards right and there may be an opportunity to improve your financial standing. No matter how good this seems, there will be a lot to think about and it won’t be straight forward. If you are prepared to do the groundwork, the outcome should be beneficial.


Hopes and wishes can come true and you are starting to see this now. Many things are changing in your life. There will be a degree of excitement in addition to you feeling slightly nervous at the same time. Be open and ready to accept anything new.


You can’t make your mind up because you have so much to think about. Sometimes it’s easier to let others make decisions for you. This will not be a good idea as the people you are looking to for answers are unlikely to know what is best for you.


You’re leading a hectic social life, just the way you like it. People admire your generosity and friendly personality. Even so you need to be careful as there is someone who will take advantage of your good nature. They may expect favours from you that could get you into trouble.


You will need patience and to remain calm while on a long-distance journey for you will face several delays and hold ups. Your patience will be severely tested as others around you get restless and fidgety. People will be looking to you to take control of the situation.


Rushed messages and conversations can leave people scratching their heads and wondering if they have understood you. Make an extra effort to make sure people around you know what you are thinking, feeling and planning to do. Be sure too that you listen to their thoughts and opinions.


A financial, business or legal matter is coming to a head. Don’t think you can put this off until another time. The sooner such affairs are dealt with, the less problems they will cause in the long-run. This needs to be sorted out properly.


You could find yourself drawn to an online travel offer when suddenly a holiday sounds like a very good idea. Even so, it will pay to research further. The more attractive sounding offers may not be as wonderful as they appear. Look around and ask questions before making a booking.


Own up to your mistakes. Let someone close know your feelings for them. It will come to you that you have been taking them for granted recently or you have been more critical of them than you should have been. The time to be honest with yourself has arrived.


A hobby or favourite pastime is taking over your life. Be careful this does not interfere with your job or with family commitments. This pursuit could also be getting expensive which could cause problems if your cash is tied up jointly.


A family row is brewing and it will take a lot of effort to defuse this. You seem to be spending a lot of time having to listen to what other people have to say but you aren’t giving yourself a chance to make up your own mind. You need some space and some quiet to think it all over.

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