How Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz's Flirtation Escalated on Vanderpump Rules Before Scandoval

Lala, meanwhile, branded Raquel a "baby prostitute" — while Ariana exclaimed how happy she was to have some "quality time" with Sandoval.

As all eyes continue to be on both Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval on “Vanderpump Rules” for signs of their affair, the two took center stage for other reasons on Wednesday night’s new hour.

At the start of the  episode, Lala Kent continued to fume over Raquel labeling her a “mistress” during the early days of her relationship with Randall Emmett while at a pool party in a previous episode.

While grabbing lunch with Scheana Shay, Ally Lewber and Ariana Madix, Shay said she felt Raquel was “standing up for herself” at the party — but Kent wasn’t having it. Lala joked that Raquel often “short circuits” during arguments, before criticizing Leviss’ outfit at the bash. “This bitch calls me a mistress bimbo as she’s in a pink sarong in 6-inch heels in Valley Village? She looked like a baby prostitute!” she exclaimed.

Madix, who tried to keep the peace at the party, said she thought Raquel looked “hot.”

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Kent continued to vent when she met up with just Scheana and Brock Davies later — ahead of the pair’s wedding in Mexico — saying she wasn’t sure whether she’d be able to keep her cool during some of the wedding festivities if Raquel was also around.

“I can’t hide my energy, you know how I am,” said Kent. “If I go to these bridesmaids events, I’m in close quarters with Raquel. There’s no escape route, unless I throw her in the ocean … which I would never do, because I’m afraid of prison!”

Raquel seemed unbothered by all the Lala drama when the cast met up at Lisa Vanderpump’s home for a pre-wedding tea party. Instead of launching into another fight with Kent, she set her sights on Tom Schwartz. The two were seen acting pretty flirty at the event, as Tom talked with her about the opening of Schwartz & Sandy’s.

“I love the fact that Schwartz and I have gotten to the place where we’re tight,” said Raquel in a confessional, “and who knows, maybe we’ll be even tighter in the future. Tighter kind of sounds like vaginal tight, though!”

Raquel went on to say that the two should enjoy themselves in Mexico, telling Tom, “When we’re out of the country, there’s nothing you can do but to have fun.” He thought that was a great attitude to have, before joking that he’d show her the LVP tattoo on his ass when they got there. All this was going on in earshot of James Kennedy, who said in a confessional he thought Schwartz looked “desperate and absurd” for “hitting on Raquel” right in front of him. “Go hit the treadmill, you f—ing fat f—,” he added with a laugh.

Schwartz and Leviss later raised eyebrows when they were seen sneaking into a bathroom together at Schwartz & Sandy’s — but cameras followed the two inside and he was simply giving her a tour of the space.

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While viewers know Raquel will eventually start hooking up with Sandoval behind the scenes, he was pretty tied up with Ariana when the whole cast got to Mexico for the wedding. Madix made it clear she was looking forward to some one-on-one time with her longtime boyfriend — saying, “I’m so excited to be in Mexico, nothing else to get int he way of my quality time with Tom. He is my prisoner.”

He was then seen throwing her down on the bed, before the cameras cut. Madix later got into it with James during a welcome night dinner, while Sandoval did nothing to defend her. Get a breakdown of that moment here!

“Vanderpump Rules” airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

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