How Rob Kardashian’s Feeling About His New ‘Healthy Physique’: Plus His Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Rob Kardashian’s ‘weight issues have been a part of his life forever’ but he’s worked hard to be ‘on the right side of his weight’ to ‘keep up’ with his three-year-old daughter Dream.

Rob Kardashian, 33, is feeling ‘proud” of losing weight and staying healthy and he’s been taking steps to maintain it all for himself and for his daughter Dream, 3. “Rob feels better than ever and has worked really hard to lose the weight,” one source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight and he’s so proud of what he’s accomplished.”

“Now that Dream is 3-years-old and she has so much energy and is always running around, Rob was determined to get to a healthy weight so he could keep up with her,” the source continued. “He wanted to be able to be there for her and be the father she needs.”

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