I attended a naked festival and it was amazing – my insecurities disappeared

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An influencer has opened up about attending a naked festival – admitting that it allowed her to let go of her insecurities.

Social media star Kate, known as @fullplatekate on Instagram, took to the site to share her experiences from Nudefest over the weekend.

Nudefest which takes place in Somerset, is the UK’s largest naturist festival, where 600 people spend the week starkers as they enjoy a range of entertainment and activities.

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Talking about the event, Kate, who is known for her body positive posts, admitted she found it "empowering".

Opening up to her 13,400 followers, the social media star said: "Being naked was remarkably empowering.

"I saw so many bodies. Completely unique, and ALL beautiful.

"I loved being around people who seemed to be so confident and carefree. It made me realise that a body is just a body. It's a vessel that we live inside of.

"Also, EVERYONE had cellulite. This might not be your cup of tea, and to be honest, I didn't think it was mine.

"However, today has helped me with my deepest most subconscious body-image issues. I have been able to let go of that fear of judgement from others. Because really, who actually cares?"

Kate documented the comments with a photo of her standing completely nude outdoors as she looked content.

She also took to Instagram to share topless snaps of herself running through a field of wheat.

Kate admitted she'd had to edit her nipples out to meet Instagram's nudity guidelines, as she wrote: "It's a shame I had to remove my nips to post these, but I am SO HAPPY I had this lil photoshoot.

"I'm home from Nudefest with a changed attitude to nakedness!"

Fans were loving the posts, as one exclaimed: "I'm so inspired by this."

While another gushed: "Gorgeous! I'm sure it was so liberating."

As a third told her: "You are rocking that birthday suit."

While a fourth chimed in: "Living for this."

Kate is known to speak out on body positive issues – and recently made a stand against 'restrictions on women's bodies'.

She took to Instagram to share a snap of herself in a thong after the US supreme court’s decided to wind back women's abortion rights across the country.

Writing on the website at the time, Kate fumed: "What's happened in the US has really upset me. We are going back in time. The handmaid's tale is coming true.

"When will we stop putting restrictions on women, and allow autonomy over our own bodies?!

"We are constantly being dehumanised, belittled and our voices silenced. No matter how far we have come, there is ALWAYS something more to be done.

"As women, we need to stand together and support one another.

"Please comment tagging charities and other ways to support women."


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