I felt insecure about my looks so covered myself in tattoos – even my eyeballs

A tattoo artist revealed what inspired her to cover her entire body in ink – including her eyeballs.

Lorraine Moriera, known as Ravena, used to lack confidence in her appearance.

But after seeing a stranger walking around in public with bold body art, she fell in love with the alternative look.

Shortly after, the model and digital creator got her first inking at the age of 18.

The 26-year-old, from Goiânia Goiás in Brazil, said: “I got my first tattoo when I was 18 on my back – she is a tribal [figure] with roses.

“I remember once I saw a boy he was heavily tattooed, I remember looking at him and imagining how confident he was with himself."

Ravena, who regularly posts snaps of her ink onto Instagram page @raven_77, continued: “That was my first trigger. was a very insecure girl with my body, my appearance.

“I got inspired. That moment. I thought to myself this is how I want to be, this is the security I need.”

And, Ravena has even had the whites of her eyes coloured in using a procedure called scleral tattooing.

It requires a pigment to be injected in between the layers of the eyeball and it can be dangerous if not performed correctly.

But, the model claims it didn’t even hurt!

Ravena noted: “I did the eyeball (eye pigmentation) in February 2021. It is a completely painless procedure.

“It is customary to say, ‘eyes are seen, all by a look’. I wanted to intensify it all.”

In comparison, one part of Ravena’s body hurt more than all the others.

She explained: “The tattoo that hurt the most so far is the one I'm getting on my belly.”

Now, Ravena is covered in ink and is mostly inspired by her own experiences.

She told us: “My tattoos are inspired by my life, I try to tell a little bit about myself in each drawing. Moments, lessons, overcoming.

“My favourite tattoo is the drawing of my daughter's eye that I have on my left arm.

“The most significant and striking ones are the ones on my face. Even people who don't like extreme tattoos say it suited me.”

Ravena also has several tattoos that are especially important to her.

She explained: “All my projects are significant for telling my story in some way, but one that has a very important meaning for me is the word ‘choices’ that I have tattooed on my head.

“I usually say that everything in life is choices and that every choice has its consequences.”

Luckily, Ravena’s tattoos have not affected her career – in fact as a body modification specialist and tattoo artist it works to her advantage.

The tattoo lover said: “As I'm a tattoo artist, the fact that I'm like that doesn't interfere with my work, it even helps. My friends like it more than my family.

“My family accepts who I am today, who I have become, but do not understand.”

But, the artist won’t let that stop her as she plans to keep getting more designs inked on her body.

She added: “I intend to do [more] yes, several I want to close my body – most of it will be in blackout.

“The drawings will be inspirations that I will have throughout my life.”

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